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:jawdrop: rvmp

:jawdrop: rvmp
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Hi grat pixal art... what program you using to paint and animation gif ?
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The animation is real nice!
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dats funnyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
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yes, now that is a jaw dropping piece indeed!
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Definitely an improvement!

I really love your version. ;)
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Yours Is way better
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Absolutely spectacular. :clap: The shading on this one is just brilliant. :worship:
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This one is just a perfect emoticon. :)
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I envy your skillz0rz.
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Excellent. This is much better than my jawdrop revision.
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umm....yes, if you said so
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Well done, too bad his tongue didn't flap around :giggle:
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his tongue isn't that long :D
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I could pull it out ;)
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Great work man :D
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haha i like this verson. i also love your avvie. its the best one i've seen on devart.
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Awesome. I like the shading and the inside of its mouth. And how before the mouth opens he just looks blank. It has a cool shocking effect. Well done.
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