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:innocent: rvmp

:innocent: rvmp
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Lookis like an angel to meh
*hugs it*
Nayelianne's avatar
The cheeeks ->w<-
They look so... bitable D:

Bad-Blood's avatar
do not bite my emotes
all my emotes are copyrighted :paranoid:
Nayelianne's avatar
:noes: copyright saves them from random emoticon biters?
Bad-Blood's avatar
if you don't believe me, try biting one, and you will get a one week ban :eyes:
AuraRinoa's avatar
Now you should make devil ;D :evil:
Zguns's avatar
It looks so innocent
LeoLeonardo's avatar
That shading is simply gorgeous! :noes: I agree completely with Zac: Perfect. :worship:
Droneguard's avatar
He blushing? :giggle: Looks tastay *starts drewling*
Rendan86's avatar
i think you should make the mouth's pixels darker, it's hard to see it. Anyway the shading is awesome, you are doing a great work with the revamps. Keep them comming
Bad-Blood's avatar
say what ?
mouth's pixels ? there is no mouth in there :giggle:.
Rendan86's avatar
i swear i can see a mouth there xD maybe i'm becoming blind or crazy. Anyway it's awesome
crimecontrol's avatar
this one is way better :clap:
Selene-47's avatar
This one is much better! I never really got how the other one was supposed to be innocent...
Love the shading and the cute little expression!
Electromechanical's avatar
I just love how the shades came out, the cheeks and everything look great. Nicely done. :ahoy:
xemboldenedx's avatar
Good work on this one. I like the detail under the eyes.
yadu's avatar
>i want wings!!<
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