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I am using it on a regular basis ... thanks.

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Better than the original! :nod: I like how it stops to look at the artwork instead of just walking past them. Very nice :clap:
ArtBySushigirl's avatar
Can I use this in my signature?
Minoru-Kokubunji's avatar
This is better than the one dA is using. They should switch.
e2rnty's avatar
Great work esp the "?"
Brigitte-Fredensborg's avatar
This is very nice because he stops in between.:clap:
Can I use it in my journal?
RJ815's avatar
Were the mini images inspired by anything? Or are they all your creation?
Bad-Blood's avatar
they are all mine :bucktooth:
RJ815's avatar
Just wondering, as they all look great, despite being at such a small scale.
Netbug009's avatar
Great job! I love all the detail ibn the little paintings.
Bad-Blood's avatar
yeah , thanx !
hayner-l0ver's avatar
I hope they change it to this one. You did an awesome job on it!
darian775's avatar
cool i like it
lSoullessl's avatar
Just awesome!! I love that work!!
it show more expression like "wow" and looks like excite to see the others pictures :3

:+fav:ed D D!!
Bad-Blood's avatar
thank you
D D ?
lSoullessl's avatar
>,> i write many time :D :D :D :D (>,> all without space >,>;)
Bad-Blood's avatar
i thought it has something to do with daily deviation !
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I was thinking about making a revamp of this one, but now I see that there's absolutely no point any more, cause this one is just perfect. :nod:
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