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:fork: rvmp

By Bad-Blood
:fork: revamp

it needs more fixing , but G2G 2 skool now !

Edit : so i came back home , and found some comments talking about the speed of the emote . well,this is a rare situation where i used fast frames in my emotes, and everybody noticed it :crying:. so i edited some parts of it ,that doesn't mean that it's the final version, i'm still waiting for critiques on how to improve this emote.

and btw, i used fast frames because i wanted to keep the same animation on the old one :fork:.
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:fork: me this command gives ;p

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:fork: rvmp :fork: rvmp :fork: rvmp :fork: rvmp OvEr UsE aLeRt!!!!
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:fork: rvmp but same like Stabbed with a Fork! 
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:fork: rvmp Better than old one :pointr: :fork:
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:fork: rvmp Thanks to the new chat system, we can now use this is comments! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!1Cheerleader Cheerleader Cheerleader :excited: :excited: :yay: :yay: Caramel dansen emote Caramel dansen emote 
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Why can't they put all of your emotes in the gallery? :noes:
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Bahahaha I love how he has to struggle to get the fork back out of the guy's head XD
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the only critique i could offer would be to give the fork stabbing motion a bit more arc, a bit more like the original. like, along the curve of his body as opposed to across his forehead.

it makes it look more...violent? ^^;

just a suggestion. i already love what you've done with it...especially the bit where he has a bit of trouble getting his fork back =)
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Ow. >_< That looks really painful. In which case, great job on this revision!
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