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By Bad-Blood
:excited:+yay+:boogie:+:dance:=this emote
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Oh great! It perfectly shows  emotions of a happy-won-something-person :)
Muklin's avatar
I love it! May I use it in my Forum at ? Theres nothing evil about this Forum.
Raidae's avatar
Isn't this like :hooray:?
Bad-Blood's avatar
i created this in 2007 , but the one u showed me was created in 2010 [link]

MissCuteZarina's avatar
How can I do this icon???
XvamyX's avatar
this is so freaking cute lol
Baz135's avatar
oh great, some idiot entered is a : excited : on zikes, so it got voted down because it replaced the original
anyone who wants to use this one go and vote it down so it'll get removed one it reaches zero, and then be able to be added as something else
jagged-1's avatar
great :D very original
waad11's avatar
full of feelings
pralinkova-princezna's avatar
You did great! It is so cheerful. :giggle:
White-WingsXX's avatar
...Yup. That's me.
Hikari-Tsukiko's avatar
O_o looks like he's gonna shit himself...
hku's avatar
This is really great and funny. I love the animation. This should be on emoticon legends.
Bad-Blood's avatar
let's hope so !
BoffinBrain's avatar
Awesome. :#1: It also has a little bit of w00t in it too, I think. :giggle:

You can make reduce the height of the canvas. ;)
DavidJCobb's avatar
Great emoticon!:D
LeoLeonardo's avatar
Extremely cute and well animated remake, awesome job :#1:
hayner-l0ver's avatar
aww that is soo much cuter!!
MrM4tty's avatar
1 hit, 2 hits, 3 hits And Combo :D :+fav:
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