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:devilish: rvmp

By Bad-Blood
:devilish: revamp
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FlamingDevil616's avatar
Heheh. HehehehAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!!
this is soo "mwaha mwaha mwahahahahaha!"
Love it!
ExFaceCake's avatar
Awesome, :devilish: rvmp. :)
HalquinSmirks's avatar
I love your devilish emote revamp. And your others too. Is this for dA?
TobiObito4ever's avatar
:giggle: Cute and evil! Just like Narakie-kun! It sort of looks like him...
Narakie: There she goes, calling me cute again... :roll: And what did I tell you about the "kun"?!
humpy77's avatar
He looks like the cutest thing ever :aww:. I don't trust him :paranoid:
Bad-Blood's avatar
kiaraUchiha's avatar
ahhh this one is my favorite :D nice
Bad-Blood's avatar
CookiemagiK's avatar
he looks too cute to be evil =p
Bad-Blood's avatar
don't get fooled by his smile !
Abfc's avatar
Is it just me or did you steal that from :iconhumpy77:'s avatar?
Bad-Blood's avatar
what you don't know , is that i made his avatar :rofl: [link]
Abfc's avatar
I could've guessed.. But it seems like you just recycled the image, or it's just really similar. :shrug:
Bad-Blood's avatar
no , i only used the same colours of the body (base) :).
Abfc's avatar
:shrug: Next time I'm going to make my screen resolution.. less microscopic.. before passing judgment. :lmao:
Bad-Blood's avatar
Lostgem's avatar
I don't think it is the same
Abfc's avatar
Sure it is, he made both of 'em! :lol:
Bad-Blood's avatar
even if it's the same , both of 'em were made by me :p [link]
hayner-l0ver's avatar
Aww, the evil laugh made me lol!!!
yadu's avatar
thats devilish! w00t
jdkep's avatar
Awesome little creature, gotta love'im :aww:

Cam I adopt him and make him my spawn? *makes adorable eyes at screen*
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