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:confused: rvmp

i'm really confused if it's looking good,that's why your comments and critics are needed.

EDIT : changed the way the question mark dissapear
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Confusing and adorable.
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Yours is sharper and more professional.

Very nice animation too! ;)
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Great One I like how the ? mark shows up at the end!
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Nice one, I like how the question mark popps at the end there. :)
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the original seem somewhat more confused, but the animation is really nice on yours :nod:
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The original face is better than yours now, but I like the animation on it. :)
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Yeah, it definitly looks good...This confuses me with it's confusness...O.o :-?
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you confused me with the confuseness of your confusing comment :-?
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Your confusing reply to my confusing comment was more confusing than a confusing confusness of the confuse can be...:-?
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Same here what is going on here!?!?!?
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:? I'm confused too...
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