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:chainsaw: rvmp

By Bad-Blood
:chainsaw: rvmp
make this official or noes will die

edit : This not about the mood of the emote , it's all about the chainsaw :shakefist:.

edit 2 : step back i got a chainsaw "aaam brarambambambam....rambraram bem bem blam bram blem blem bem...bem......bem..uh-oh ! :[link]
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:chainsaw: rvmp  Better than :chainsaw:
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:chainsaw: ... this is me when im angry
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its like the mad guy from mad father!!! <:D
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lmao, that link is hilarious! i love this, you did a great job.
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Great work on it, the chainsaw's animation is really smooth. I really hope it gets picked. :nod:
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YAH HE BE REALLY AGNRY NUW! :icon13memories:
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:doh::megaphone:d'oh,the update is for the video(in description-->edit 2) .
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I saw that, but I still like Spider Pig moar! :iconagnryplz:
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have you seen " i'm a part of the mob" ?
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It looks awesome! I like how you did the animation for the chainsaw
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awesome :D
love how he pulls the string to turn the chainsaw on :3
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I like it, though the chainsaw seems a little slow mate :)
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browsers like IE and maybe Safari don't display correctly frames that are less than 5/100 s,that's why i made it 5/100 per each frame.
the-ace-chef's avatar
I am pretty sure safari can deal with Frames faster then that, thought not positive :) You could still speed the chainsaw up without changing the render speeds though :)
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Well, by moving the the pixels that form the "saw" part by a farther amount each frame, it might look choppier, but it would also trick your mind into thinking it was faster :)
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Maybe the chainsaw is a bit too close to his face... other then that it looks good :clap:
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Kill noes? You bastard! :noes:
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