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:burp: rvmp

By Bad-Blood
:burp: revamp
no,he's not shouting,seems to be a little more extreme but it's still a burp.
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Ya-Whooo! I've been looking for a better burp emot!
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LOL, reminds me of my cousin. She could kill someone with her belches.
ghibli92's avatar
XD that's way too cute! faved!
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xsPUNKyx's avatar
nice! why isn't it in the emoticons list? :burp:
p.s. i think he drank a lot of beer ;] :ahoy:
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adding emotes in the emoticon list is still in process, and we don't know which ones are going to be choosen ;)
xsPUNKyx's avatar it =]
if there's gonna be a voting or something like that please let me know so i could vote for this one =D
oh and he really looks like homer simpson when he's burping ;]
Bad-Blood's avatar
thank you , but admins are the only who are going to vote .
xsPUNKyx's avatar
oh yeah, he looks like barney too...anyway all the simpson burping characters look the same when they're doing it ;]
DAMN THOSE ADMINS!!! :shakefish:
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ekekekeke... :rofl:
Rendan86's avatar
hahaha, awesome, his expression is great! xD so damm funny. great work *again*
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Argh - now my ears are bleeding!

That's not a :burp: - that's :superhypermegaburp: :clap:
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I love it lol :D
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You are really the god of revamping emotes!
chrii's avatar

nice emotion dude :D
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and the spontaneity of the burp, it really shows.. really good :clap:
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