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:bow:2 rvmp

:bow: rvmp
bear me plz.
moar to come
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cool. Thanks for providing.
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:bow: revamped      :clap: :clap: :clap: Sarcastic Clap -Revamp- 
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great work. i'd love this emotes you do to be dA's default ones. keep it up!
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This is so lovely! I think it should be immediately added to the legend in place of the old one!
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they never mentioned when the legend is going to be updated
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Yep, your emote :Revamp: tour is going great!
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Deffinately one of the better :bow: remakes so far. :nod:
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How did you become so good...? Great work though.
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great work again bud, love the lightning style
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I don't mean to be mean or anything, but it looks to me like he's giving me the finger every time he bows. I don't know, it might be because of the mouth.
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:sarcasm:..oh... you are serious:|.
i can't see that in the emote :confused:
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I've had a closer look and I think it's actually his thumbs that we're seeing. :nod:
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Maybe it's just my monitor? Nope. Actually, I think the position of his hand touches the body of the emote ever so slightly, causing it to look like that. At least to me. :confused:
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kinda does now that u mention it lol.. a :lowfingerwithrespect:
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Think you're right about it being the mouth. (Although I kind of like it like that - I can almost hear him mumbling "Screw you! And you! You too...")

Love the colours on this :nod:
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:lmao: wicked mumbling
Yes, they are awesome colours! :nod:
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Argh, you shouldn't have said that... he does that to me too now! :-)

Heh, well, it's still cool. As is all your other revamps Bad-Blood :-)

Many of the originals are really out of date compared to these. :-)

- Scarzzurs
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Maybe he doesn't like you :lmao:
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