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:ahoy: rvmp

this is a revamp of :ahoy:.
i didn't add a lot of things to it (just shading and some stuff) because a lot of people seems to be happy with the old one.

if anything that needs to be added/removed tell me;).
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On change pas une équipe qui gagne. T'as quand même changé la façon dont il vide sa chope. C'est vrai que le faire d'un seul trait, pas tout le monde peut le faire. ;P
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Love this! How about a Burp after the beer chug? :ahoy:
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i had that idea too XD
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I think i would aveto get used to the part where it drink the last bit of beer... the second lift if you get what I mean, also, it indicates the beer is almost empty, while this is an foreverongoing animation..
plus the point that has been stated...
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I always loved this emoticon.

I love the glossiness *-*
Another great revamp (; even though there wasn't much to change.
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havn't heard from in a while
how are u?
Nayelianne's avatar
I'm okay xD

Vanishing every now and then...

How about you? ^^
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i'm doing good ;)
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Well, =darkmoon3636 is still active, and she updated her own version.. And :ahoy: is one of newer emotes, that doesn't even need a revision..
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yeah !! but it's on the list
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i know, but it's just lame.. there are many other, older emotes that need remakes, and you seem to do a great job on expressions..
No offence, but since =darkmoon3636 already made an update to it, and is the original creator, I feel like hers should be added as the replacement.

Most emoticon creators on this site aren't active or simply left. However, she is still here. Its her emoticon, let her keep the credit.
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all the credits are for her , even if this one gets chosen
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=darkmoon3636's version will be put in and your's will not be considered.

eStunt has made it perfectly clear to me that even an inferior revamp will be used if it is made by the original maker, no matter what. :|

Note that I am not saying =darkmoon3636's revamp is in anyway an inferior revamp, just making a point. Though I do like your's better. ^^
Bad-Blood's avatar
so there's no chance :tears:
parliamentFunk's avatar
Unfortunately, no. :crying:
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Awesome I think that urs and =darkmoon3636's versions are very good indeed, but I think ur is little better because you can see the beer go into the mouth clearer. I also think hers is also good because u can see the fizz inside the bottle.
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i can add that too :eyes:,but not today :sleep:
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Yeah u can, But not today every body has to sleep! @ 7: 31 P.M.
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An interesting choice to revamp!

I never really thought the :ahoy: needed a revamp, but now that its been done twice I can see why its been beneficial to do.

Both yours and =darkmoon3636's remake of her original are great, but I think they will give it to her simply because its her own emoticon.

This however is really nice, and definitely worth submitting, you never know!
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thank you !!
are you sure that there's nothing to fix here ?
zacthetoad's avatar
Nah, there's nothing more you can do to better this. :)
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