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Y o l k s for messengers



press download to get the file.

hey guys !

finally i finished the compatible pack with messengers.

they are not animated ( few ones have been animated) , but you can perfectly use them in messengers.

if you want to use them on messengers go ahead and use them without asking for my permission.

but if you want to use them one forums, websites, blogs...i recommend the pack with the transparent .png files.

the .zip file have 42 emoticon 50x50.

installations :

Trillian :
  • Paste the 'Yolks' folder to C:\Program Files\Trillian\stixe\plugins folder(or D:\....... or ......)

  • Go to your Trillian Preferences window

  • Skins >> Advanced

  • choose "Y o l k s" from the drop down box labelled 'Emoticons:'

  • Restart Trillian.

  • MSN :
  • Download any of our emoticons package(s) and extract them to you desktop or anywhere else.

  • Click on "tools" and then click on "Emoticons"

  • Click on "Add"

  • Then click on "Find Image"

  • Browse emoticons you have extracted and select one of them

  • Write a "shortcut key" for the emoticon

  • Yahoo! :

    as for other messengers , i don't really know how to use this emoticons there , but there might be a way to do it.

    links :
    - Y o l k s - t-shirts, prints, magnets, stickers, buttons, bags and many others
    - Y o l k s - 2
    - Y o l k s
    - Y o l k s - mug
    - mini Y o l k s

    oh and stay tuned , because Y o l k s 2 will be soon released.

    - Y o l k s .
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    Thank you! I used this set back in my LiveJournal days. Still my favorite icon pack. Had to use a search engine to find this again.