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Y o l k s

By Bad-Blood
hey everyone !

press download to download , or just click here

the first pack of Yolks is out !

in the pack there is 40 emoticon with random expressions and characters,and those listed in the preview are just some of 'em .

the .rar file contains(if you don't have a software to open .rar files , then change the extension from .rar to .zip :

  • folder with 40 emoticon

  • read me file

  • preview image

- Y o l k s for messengers

featured : : [link]

links :
- Y o l k s - t-shirts, prints, magnets, stickers, buttons, bags and many others
- Y o l k s - 2
- Y o l k s - for messengers
- Y o l k s - mug
- mini Y o l k s

you can make plz accounts out of them if you want .

my favorite is the one with headphones

enjoy :peace::ninja:
© 2008 - 2021 Bad-Blood
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Would you consider in making this old ones a little larger, like the yolks v2 perhaps?
I would gladly pay few bucks for the incovenient :)
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" then change the extension from .rar to .zip"
You clearly don't understand how compression algorithms work, if the user doesn't have software to open rar files the only solution is that you either supply a file in a more standard compression format (zip for example) or suggest users install software that can decompress rar.

More relevant to the piece itself, the emotes are pretty neat.
Hi there can I use this for my client's website ?
I can't download it.. how can i download it? Thanks. (the link doesn't work correctly, just reload the page :( )
hey,nice work,i was wondering if i could use them in my app

can't thank you enough
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the link's die :(
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Awesome emotes. A "kissing" one would be nice (maybe for Yolks -2 or 3).

i can't download this smiley ellow get it..thanks
very it..thanks for share
boleh unduh tidak?
I had reached the end of the line I took my chances with this now I make all the calls just picture the possibilities
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I had reached the end of the line now I dont feel bad about spending my money now everyone recognizes me believe me the sky is the limit
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NinjaBear12's avatar
Sorry for that , i was testing icons and i accidentaly press add, so... sorry
So yeah downloaded both and saved them to "my pcitures" question do I use em on Chrome now :?

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