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Shiny Emote Shading

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may be i'll start using "shading #2".
anyway ,give it a try, and enjoy it.

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¤ gunshot tutorial
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samsamsierraStudent Digital Artist
omg this is useful !!
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LucinhaeStudent Artist
Thanks for this tutorial. I used here: [link]
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aloafofbradStudent Writer
when i used to make emotes like crazy, day-in-day-out, i would always use the technique on the right. it's been like two years since then and i still remembered how to use it xD i was off a bit i think but i still had the gist of it
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yea , once u understand the logic of the shading , u won't need to comeback and see how it was done , u can even create new ones.
aloafofbrad's avatar
aloafofbradStudent Writer
i never actually thought about making new ones o.o i'll have to try that.
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Stacey104201Student Writer
what program will u use for this?
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photoshop , but u can use the sae technique in other platforms.
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Stacey104201Student Writer
is it okay to use regular old MS Paint?
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if u want to make animated emoticons , u have to use other softwares , but if u want to make static emoticons , u can use ms paint for that.
gussie398's avatar
I will be trying this soon!
polipori's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial! =)
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SolidifierHobbyist General Artist
i'm going to try this soon!

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SolidifierHobbyist General Artist
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pyro3345Hobbyist Digital Artist
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EternalxRequiemHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna try this style of shading soon. ^^
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Sweet-DooDoHobbyist Digital Artist
i used your tutorial and there's something wrong in it. in the color palette there are only 6 colors, though it's seven steps with seven colors. please fix that :)
Musakcritiq's avatar
MusakcritiqStudent General Artist
Really? I just looked at the colour palette and I see 7 colours :O_o: of course I could be wrong..
Sweet-DooDo's avatar
Sweet-DooDoHobbyist Digital Artist
the palette has 7 colors including the outline, but you used 8 steps including the outline. so there's a color missing. maybe if you don't get what i mean you should try using your tutorial..of course, i might be confused a bit after all..
Sweet-DooDo's avatar
Sweet-DooDoHobbyist Digital Artist
ok i might have been confused O_o but thank you for the amazing tutorial!
IloveJesus4eternity's avatar
Thanks! This really helps! :D
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yarjorHobbyist Artist
Great Tutorial!
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Zunii-HProfessional Digital Artist
I was actually struggling with getting my highlights quite right, and looking at your tutorial really helped me out. Thank you
Scorpion81's avatar
Great tut, I like shading #1 the best, I'll try making some emotes with that shading tomorrow :la: :dummy:
Frelly-Is-Kelly's avatar
Great tutorial!
But, exactly where do I push CTRL+ B?
Because I pushed it and nothing happened D:
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