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شمهروش ( أبو الوليد شمهروش) ، ملك ملوك الجن ، وقاضي قضاتهم و في محكمته تُفض النزاعات بين الإنس والجن ، و ذلك حسب المخيال الشعبي المغربي والعربي، بل يزعم البعض أنه إبن جن صحابي من النفر الذين سمعوا القرآن ؟
theme song : [link]
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that's some original work
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impressive, like how you use this dark, austere atmosphere to make your charachters more frightening and creepy, the level of the detail is pretty outstanding !
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WOW! lol hadi wa3ra! did you paint his hand veins or is that just a texture photo?
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i actually painted the hand ,i used some references thou. but it was painted from scratch.
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ma3andi man9ol c la meilleure
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a fine a 7mmane.
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Impressive look truly an amazing and unique character!
assalamu alaikum

Great work bro, I'm a big fan of your talent. You've created a good and interesting character, I'd like to know a bit more about him and his dealings with the jinni. Art is great as always, great work on the details and colors, the background and lighting really give it a mystic atmosphere. I also like your using of arabic in the artists comment box. I don't speak arabic but I respect that you used your own culture and language instead of someone elses.
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hey , thanks a lot , your comment means a lot.
i have some articles in arabic talking about this mythical character ,since you can't read them, let me give you a brief introduction :
his name is chamharouch ( abou al walid chamharouch ) considered the king of all Jinns , their biggest judge , and the mightiest of them all.
his court , is the only court that handle conflicts between humans and Jinns , this is of course according to the beliefs of ( some ) Moroccans and Arabs.
i personally made him look more human , because he has to face them and contact them , so instead of appearing in his original state , he prefers to look more human , so the contact can be made easily.
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Woah, nice work. That hand looks fantastic.
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