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We require votes from the community.
We have just finished a series of articles called "Insight" in which we shed some light on the Exiled Faction. Right now there is a vote open to see which faction comes next.
If you would like to vote please go to the following link:
If you would like to check those Insights please go to our homepage: 

Once again Thank you!
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If you like the Exiled Faction be sure to check the new post on our blog:
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2 min read

Greetings, we are still working in Bacus Studio son our next game, meanwhile i am working on Lore, to make the Universe a lot richer.

As you might expect you can get stuck from time to time, especially when working with believable alien races. One of such things that can be tricky would be of the idea of humanity. This idea basically considers that some certain traits are similar for all entities with capability of advance thought (such as tool creation, mathematics, philosophy, and much more). This traits would be consider that intelligent beings should be consider equals and so forth.

This in turn, whether all races or some share this concept or not, it is on itself really tricky, firstly because of the fact that humanity derives from the concept of Human, therefore is attached to one race, and we can certainly not allow that.

This is where the community steps in!

We are looking for ways of calling the idea of humanity, and we think that our readers might have great ideas. We created the term thinkbeing but it does not quite fit.

The main necessity for this word would be to fit in circumstances such as the following:

You cannot go killing the last Exiled! That’s inhuman. Where is your humanity?”

Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading.

Ignacio Baldini

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2 min read

Greetings everyone!

I wanted to announce a few things in order to give you guys more information on our progress. First of, we opened a webpage at at present time the page has a few stuff, but it’s mostly barren, the idea is that in the next few weeks we will be updating it with more information, such as features of the game, videos, and so forth. Be sure to check in once a week.

Secondly, Unit Monday. Unit Monday replaced our old fashioned work with the “final versions of the units” that populated our deviant art webpage. Main idea for the change was to focus more on the game and a little less on taking huge chunks of time on the unit showcase. In order to counter that, we are using concept art to show the units, and a blog post to describe them. They are always posted on Mondays in our own blog:

Finally, we are working on the game itself, we are soon to achieve Alfa status, in which we may need some tryouts. Therefore I recommend you check our Twitter

Once again thank you for your time!

Ignacio Baldini

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1 min read

I am sad and happy to announce the following. Due to priorities mixing we are not going to continue with the publishing of new images of the units we were doing so far. This decision was made in order to prioritize the game itself.

We are allocating the resources that meant the cool images from the units into the game itself.

Nevertheless, we will keep posting cool stuff, not as detailed as we are used to but we will still try to publish cool images.

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