BtL Mod: WIP - Introduction! :)

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'Back to Life' is the new prehistoric mod on the block, with fully anatomically correct dinosaur models; Feathers and all! This mod will add a whole new way to play Minecraft, good for all of the people who are beginning to find Minecraft boring! This mod will be designed for 1.9+

The player can bring dinosaurs into the overworld via the extraction of DNA from fossils and fossilised tissue (similar to the way DNA was extracted in the Jurassic Park franchise), which then gives the player the opportunity to breed dinosaurs and create their very own dinosaur or extinct animal theme park! If you are a dinosaur lover, this mod will definitely be for you!

The mod will add various different animals from all different points in prehistory! From the slender and fast Coelophysis of the Triassic Period, to the diverse and unique Mastodon of the Pleistocene Period.

The mod is being developed as you read this post, and we cannot be any more excited for our first release! Stay tuned for some great BtL updates and changelogs!
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When will the first release be... released? xD