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The Three Stooges by Backlash91 The Three Stooges by Backlash91
These are three of the characters from my RL MLP:RPG that i'm running for a few friends of mine. 

All of them are part of the Canterlot Royal Guard Cadet program, and are currently going through their trials to become actual Guards. 

Midnight Star: 

( Actual Player) Midnight Star is well known for his determination, calculated thought, and moments of true DERP. Where he lacks in finesse, he makes up for it with his iron will and drive to never give up. Being one of the first cadets to be placed on castle patrol, his first day of guard duty went rather..."down hill" quite quickly, as seen here: 

Swing And A Miss by Backlash91

Besides the occasional random bout with Jeraal, he works hard and has proven himself capable and willing to try almost anything if it benefits his friends or allies.


(NPC) Jeraal joined the Canterlot royal guard after Chrysalis was removed from power and the Hive was given more freedoms, he is no longer a part of his hive though and lives in Canterlot proper. 

being best known around the castle for his pranks and humor, Jeraal is like the bard of the three stooges, making funny quips and snarky remarks to rile up his friends or opponents. He considers himself an assassin of sorts...but has yet to earn his merits as such in that field.



Being one of the many females to join the Royal Cadet program, Petal Blow wants nothing more than to have a peaceful day on the job, Jeraal and Midnight star however, prove this to be almost impossible. If its not them causing the havoc, its canterlot elite, natural enemies, or SGU foals who become her bane. 

She is usually kind and considerate, but like any mare, make her angry and you'll find your self on the sharp end of her sword with no shield. She is strong and smart but can let her emotions take precedence where she should use logic. 


Figured I'd post these here as i have a few pony fans who might enjoy to hear about my RPG i'm running. I might post more characters that are playing if it seems people want more, if not...meh muffins.
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Gargon99 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2016
This is cool. Do you have a link to where you are MLP RP with your friends? I am somewhat interested in checking it out.
Backlash91 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016
I do not's just me and my friends that play it mostly...we are close enough that I can role play it in REAL LIFE and real time. o>O I can answer any questions you might have, however. ^^ glad to see you are interested.
Gargon99 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016
Ok. What kind of RP do you and your friends do? Do you have a link to where you and your friends RP? Also do you RP as your ocs? I wouldn't mind as Roleplying as my pony oc.
Backlash91 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016
I do three types of roleplay with my friends. each one is mlp based, but in different timelines. 

the first: MODERN day. 

the second: Saga of the iron claw.

third: MLP apocalypse, the first equine.

they go in order, but you can start in any timeline. 

I do not have a link to my role play no, because the role play is done AT MY HOUSE. all my players are physically present, and so far I haven't had any internet people show interest.(you changed that ^^) if we were to do it from the internet, it would either need to be over skype or some other video feed based chat. that way you could see me, I could see you, and you could see any visual diagrams I put up. 

You CAN roleplay as your OC, Or you can create a new one. the playable races I currently allow are:

pegasi, earth pony, unicorn, changeling, griffon, deer, diamond dog, batpony, and alicorn. I am currently working on incorporating the following:

minotaur, draconequus, changeling queen, dragon, siren, reindeer, dire ponies(large horses), shadow ponies(sombra-esque), crystal ponies, and imperial griffons(alicorn LIKE griffons).

if you would be interested in trying it out we should chat more on skype about it as that will give me a better feel for what your looking for and also let you ask any direct questions your mind has. ^^

my skype name is denma.warlight

I will be busy tonight but we can chat tomorrow if you like. my time zone is PST.
Gargon99 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016
Cool! Well I have an Alicorn oc that can split into three disguises. The unicorn Calm Mind, pegsus Skyjoy, and earth pony Rageboulder. My Alicorn oc is the ponifided version of myself and my three other pony ocs are myself split in three forms, Calm Mind is my calm and observant self, Skyjoy is my excitable and mischief self, and Rageboulder is my more easily angered self. The three each have a part of my main oc's colors, Calm Mind has the eyes, Skyjoy has the mane and tail, and Rageboulder has the coat color of my Alicorn oc, Emperor Prince Gargon. Gargon is the leader of a changeling hive, the Shadow Hive, diguised as King Zulu the watcher. Do you have a FIMfiction account? If so you can cheek out my changeling hive group there. It will have the information about my hive. Just look for Shadow Hive club.
Backlash91 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016
I do have an FIM fiction account, I write my stories there. my username is backlash91
Gargon99 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016
Ok, well if you like changelings you are welcomed to join my group based on my hive.
Historian-JS Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Holy crapples! Midnight turned out much better than I Imagine!
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