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Sever Point VS King Sombra by Backlash91 Sever Point VS King Sombra by Backlash91
The snow whipped up around his fetlocks and the wind danced through his mane like a herd of ponies fleeing from death itself. He blinked slowly and looked around, his ears swiveling this way and that as he picked up only the sound of the storm.

He continued on, the blizzard never relenting in it's quest to blow him away and be forgotten to time. It would have been a great endeavor for the elements to try such a thing, considering he already was pretty much unknown to most of the world still to this day.

Sever Point was a nomadic alicorn after all, and it didn't really help that his title was 'Prince of the void'. 

Prince of Null, Prince of nothing, Prince of the blind side, Alicorn of the afterlife, The Grey Wing, and many other titles he cared for with as much mustered energy that a single snowflake might burst from his output. Peasants saw him occasionally when he entered towns or cities to claim a bounty he'd been hunting while away in the wilds, and the titles had started to gather. 

He wasn't a ruler to any land except the void, the space between spaces. White space. Emptiness. It was a space ponies could go, but barely any could gain the power to do so. And yet....

"look it's an alicorn..."

"I heard he is a nomadic prince, claims he's a bounty hunter."

"Momma, it's the Grey Wing! He is in town again!"

"Quiet child! Do you want the prince to be angered and exile you to the void!?"

Hushed whispers, chatter behind windows, and closed door gossip all would drift to him when he'd mingle with the ponies around Equestria. They both feared and revered his existence, and he didn't really understand why.

Until Celestia happened. 

Sever point had been tailing a band of thieves with rather hefty bounties on their napes for some time and the trio had slipped into one of the most opulent cities Sever Point had ever seen. The city was known as the City of the Two Sisters, and was nestled deeply in a large ancient forest that vibrated with thick, almost sentient magic. To a normal pony it could rejuvenate the body, and cleanse the mind if one were to meditate out in the groves of trees that surrounded the city's massive eighty foot high walls. To him, it felt like any other forest. 

Once at the wall Sever Point noted as the guard ponies gawked at him, their spears slanting as their grip loosened on the shafts. 

He walked through the city and began scanning for the thieves with a well hidden spell on his horn, ignoring the ponies that slowly stopped what they were doing and stared at him. As per the usual scheme of things, they stopped working and started to follow him. Why they did this he still couldn't understand, but so long as it didn't impede his search he didn't mind. Being the ruler of the void had perks to it after all, and one of them was not having emotions to cloud his judgement. Well...okay he HAD emotions but so far he'd only found four to be useful. frowning clearly worked to show his displeasure, smiling lightly gave others relief and made them in turn smile back, so that had to be a good thing. relaxing his face and showing no emotion made others regard him with either the same expression or at least one of respect, and then there was surprise, which sometimes showed others that he was interested or merely paying attention, but he rarely used it.

Sever Point continued walking through the snow, the wind picking up rapidly once more and he let the snow pelt at his side without so much as a flicker of magic to stop it's adventure. The Void was a far colder place then the frozen north ever would be to him. 

His mind drifted back to the memory.  

He'd found one of the thieves trails and turned down a street that was larger then the rest. the normal street paths were about eight to ten feet wide, allowing a group of seven ponies wide to walk without much impedance. This road, though, was well over forty feet across and had large, square, wooden stalls all over the place.

Ah, This must be the market. He'd thought to himself at the time.

As he started to slip into the crowd, the usual reaction happened. The ponies nearest him would suddenly see what he was, see how much taller her was then them, and they would try their darnedest to turn and bow at him. This meant that in such a crowded moving place, all movement was eventually ceased. In lue of this, it made his job much easier, because not only would they bow, but if he moved toward them without any obvious purpose, they would immediately move out of the way. 

He knew no reason for such actions, but he didn't think too much on it because it made things easier as he walked down the road, directly in the middle. As he passed by, the ponies in his shadow would slowly rise and follow him. By then, he'd amassed quite the crowd at his rear. One thing he noticed was that the guards, all of them golden plated pegasi, weren't actually doing anything at his presence. They were landing atop the building roofs and hovering about twenty feet over head, spears and swords at the ready but their eyes said they were merely confused or curious. A few whispered to each other and then one of them took off at a very quick speed, flying into the deeper parts of the city. He found this to be odd. Normally, any town guards would nervously try to ask him to leave their village, or to come see their 'mayor' or 'town lord'. He mostly refused these offers and continued on his way. 

He followed the trail of thieves to a nearby house structure that reeked of booze, sex, and had a rather burly looking pony standing against the wall next to the door. He took one look up at Sever Point and shook his head vigorously in surprise. He too bowed and stepped aside as Sever Point pushed the door open and looked around.

That explains the smell, It's a brothel

His eyes fell on a room filled with tables, couches, and chairs that looked like they'd been used quite a few times for sitting and brawling. Sitting in most of these chairs were stallions, a mare or two nestled nearby. The mares were scantily clad in transparent colored garb and were either laying at the feet of a stallion or were sitting on their lap. A few were definitely in post courtship rituals when he entered. 

Again, when he entered. the room fell dead silent. Several of the mares in the room gasped and removed themselves from the stallions they were....servicing, and bowed. A couple stallions did the same thing, while the drunker ones whined and growled as their pleasures were halted. He walked into the establishment only enough to cross the doorway. His eyes scanned the crowd and his frown actually deepened. The thieves weren't here now, but they had been. He could see their magical aura mingled in with a few mares and oddly, one drunken, unconscious stallion's back side.

He turned and immediately left back onto the street, and to his utter befuddlement, found the ponies were now bowing at a completely new set of ponies.

It was also the first time Sever Point had ever seen other alicorns. These two new additions walked down the center of the road with grace and finesse, power and purpose. It should also be mentioned that they were wearing magical battle armor,  were wielding magical weapons, had stopped at his appearance, and were now looking right at him with mixed expressions of shock, fear, apprehension, curiosity, intense interest and...other emotions, some That Sever Point could put no name to as of yet. 

lust, greed, jealousy, envy, possessiveness ....Among other things. Sever point nodded to himself as the snow suddenly halted around him for a second or two. He stole the chance to breath deeply, his journey through the frozen north taking him far into the mountains. 

I wish i'd known that when I'd met them, I would have left that city immediately. Sever point winced as he tilted his head back and his neck twinged. 

He'd learned very quickly that female alicorns were...very different from males. For one, they were rather...jealous. He'd only spent a week with the alicorn sisters, after apprehending the thieves of course. In that short time, he'd never felt The first two days were fine, they were friendly and cordial with him and each other, but on the third day they changed rather suddenly. Celestia and Luna, when they though he wasn't listening, started to argue over who he was more interested in, who he wanted to bed with, who would have the first, what attributes he liked most....

When he confronted them on these confusing and failed secret inquires, they had turned bright red and refused to explain anything to him. At the same time, they both looked at one another and flew into a full on brawl right then and there, over...him, apparently. He wasn't exactly sure how he'd caused so much trouble just by asking questions, but in spite of the tail pulling, wing biting, ear yanking, hoof clashing battle that ensued, Sever Point had learned one particular thing about himself that was quite useful.

Magic that meant him harm, pain, or intended to impede his will or desires, or even affect his life-force, didn't work. It was simple really. He'd tried to break the fight up(never let a male break up a female's fight for dominance by the way, it ends badly) by stepping between them, when Celestia had turned on him and snarled violently, baring her fangs and sending a ball of magical golden fireball at his chest.

One could imagine the look of surprise when Sever Point did nothing to dodge it and the fireball...bounced off him harmlessly and to the side. It had exploded with enough force to put a twenty foot wide molten hole in one of the castle walls, and had slagged a nearby glass window mural, the explosion sent servant ponies and soldiers alike fleeing from the vicinity. 

In the silence that took over, Sever Point merely blinked down at his chest and then started talking to them like nothing had happened and they stared at him with gaping mouths and wide eyed incredulous expressions.The two sisters shared a serious look and both nodded to one another. he was halfway through talking when they both started blasting him with spell after spell, apparently trying to get through to him. 

Apparently who ever could get to him first, could have first mount or...something along those lines, at the time Sever Point was trying to ask them what the heck had caused the fight and wasn't paying much attention to their agreement between eachother.

The spells had failed, utterly, Leaving the mares panting and lost as what to do next. He'd approached them calmly, with intents on calming them down.

Luna's sudden capoeira kick did not fail, however, and Sever Point's memory got a bit fuzzy after that, but he was nursing his jaw for a whole week after he escaped the city and the clutches of two heat laden alicorns.

Apparently male alicorns were rare, and the two mares hadn't seen one in a long time....if ever.

In spite of this, he'd learned that physical attacks were definitely his weakness, and he'd made sure to train and hone his fighting skills so that he could better defend himself. 

Which brought him back to the present situation, several decades after meeting the alicorn sisters.

He was looking for a unicorn that apparently lived up here. He was a master of dark magic, hoof to hoof combat, and other forms of fighting that Sever Point wanted to be taught. He'd learned of a great city that was somewhere up here in the snow capped mountains, and if he was lucky, he'd be able to duel with their reigning king.

He'd get to fight King Sombra.

As a challenge, he'd found it and teleported right to the throne room. Sombra and his war council had been in session at the time and his arrival atop the war table had startled all of them, although Sombra had merely raised his eyebrows up at the stallion in slight surprise. Sever Point had stated his reason for arriving and his request, and then left, stating where he could be found and had vanished on the spot. 

unbeknownst to Sever Point, Sombra had killed every stallion and mare in that room after he left, intent on keeping the secret of alicorns just that, a secret. 

A low groaning noise and a burst of color to his left made Sever point turn his head in said direction, where a gurgling pool of darkness was forming on the surface of the ice, not ten feet from him. Sever point watched as a bolt of shadow magic broke from the cloud and ricocheted off his nullification shields harmlessly. 

King Sombra slowly walked out of the cloud, seemingly stepping from darkness itself, laughing deeply and loudly. Sever point watched the cloud above the unicorn king with rapt curiosity. Dark magic was a skill only a rare few individuals had mastered, and he realized the moment Sombra threw that first bolt at him, Sombra wasn't a master at all. Sure he had lots of power, but he was corrupted by it. He was a mad pony with dangerous spells and insanity hidden just behind the genius. 

As spells and magical laced crystals burst around him, Sever point sighed and dropped his gaze to the snow at his feet. It looked like he'd have to find a different teacher to train him in combat...

...Maybe a Zebrican. I hear they are good at hoof combat...He mused, as the mad king roared in frustration as his spells failed repeatedly.


A commission I got by the amazing  8BitAmy of my OC alicorn, Sever Point:…

and King Sombra dueling it out!

go give her some love ^^

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ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner May 17, 2016
Sever Point doesn't give a damn. :-)
Veteran1972 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016
Wonderful story.
Immune to magic but not a right hoof.
And the assessment of not getting between females fighting for dominance is good advice. In my human line of work I have had to take on a few females intent on showing their dominance. This was while attempting to detain them for minor crimes and they were having nothing to do with me enforcing rules on them.
So they chose to fight.
I will admit I was impressed. I am 225 cross fit, college wrestler, military combat trained against 120 of female fury. Teeth, nails, kicks to private parts their arsenal. I have to fight fair. They wore themselves out struggling against the holds I put them in. The one thing that did not abate was the constant verbal assault on my manhood and sexual orientation! Even when fully subdued it continued. But the jail door closed cutting down the verbal noise.
I can see why he left the sisters behind.
Backlash91 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016
he prefers the pleasures of collecting bounties to mares any day ^^, if you ever make a police or guard pony sona I might be interested in drawing them knocking back an ale are two at the bar ^^
Veteran1972 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016
I can see his likes.
I am the same way.
Been doing it for 35 years.
I dont have a sona pony.
One does not see many if any police ponies.
I have only seen a sheriff on MLP.
I am a Texas State Trooper.
A bit bigger than a local sheriff.
We cover all of Texas as necessary.
Backlash91 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016
well i could certainly make one for ya ^^ ya awesome trooper!
Veteran1972 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2016
I really enjoy your stories.
Another part I found great was when Sever was leaving and the mares kept popping him with spell shots.
I get the same thing on a verbal level.
Job is done so I am leaving and here comes the barrage of snide comments from the ones not going to jail.
I do just like Sever.........keep walking as they bounce off. Every so often I might turn on one if it is a bit too harsh.
I have piercing hazel green eyes and a school master stern look when I dial it up.
When they look at the ground kicking imaginary stones with a more silenced voice......I smile inside......job well done.
WidowPeak Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist
Wait, I have seen this already, have not I?! o.o
hiphopcantstop Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful, I wonder what this would look like with Celestia fending off against him while crying and yelling?

Kill me now plz.
A1ternat1ve Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a beautiful piece!! <33
I love all the details q o q <3
Backlash91 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016
*hugs and snuggles and cuddles and nuzzles you!* 

thank youuuu
A1ternat1ve Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're so welcome <33
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