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Echo the alicorn
One of my favorite fan-fiction stories recently finished, and I wanted to do more art for the creator as a sign of my appreciation for all their hard work! So the next few pieces I post will be of the characters from the story.

This is Echo, an alicorn separated from her unity, and desperately trying to understand the world and it's odd ways of survival. She has taken a rather close interest in Whisper, the main character.

you can read the complete story here:…
The Secret Garden
Art for a story concept i've been tossing around in my head. 

The synopsis:

Discord Never reformed. He still held hatred in his heart for how the ponies forced him into friendship. Pulled him from his chaos and made him the lapdog of Equestria's Alicorns. He secretly stalks Celestia and Twilight into an area they frequent ever since proclaiming their love for one another. A secret garden on an estate out in the wilds of Equestria, where they can have intimacy. It is here he turns them to stone and hides them from the world. 

The side effects of his actions cause the world to become stuck in eternal twilight, and forces Luna to reluctantly ascend to the throne of Canterlot. 

200 years have passed and the searches for Celestia and Twilight have fallen to the wayside in lieu of a war between the changelings and ponies. When Heaven Strike, a young unicorn lieutenant is gravely injured in the war, he is given an honorable discharge and finds a letter in his mail from his now deceased uncle, saying there is an estate he may claim if he so wishes, at the cost of up-keeping and rebuilding it. 

At first, the estate seems more trouble than its worth, no running water, no food storage, roofs falling in and floors about to break out from under him, and apparently it's haunted, he's about ready to cal it quits....when something interesting happens.

He finds the most beautiful stature of two alicorns locked in a passionate kiss, hidden away in a section of the garden lost to nature...and oddly, he feels like that's only the first surprise he's going to find here.  

>>>>>> I might still write it. o.O i think it's a neat concept.


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