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New Guardian
Mr. Split Seam, an old grumpy, alcoholic pegasus, had been assigned Luna and Celestia's legal guardian. To Sombra, this seemed exceptionally cruel to them. The poor girls, upon arriving at their new "home" were quick to surmise that he didn't give two licks about them. He never fed them, would beat them on occasion, and the paltry sum of money that was being paid to him by the crown was being washed away for his addiction, instead of their health.  

After Luna and Celestia had ran away, He hadn't cared to inform the state of their condition. merely acting liked he was still watching them, and collecting the checks, of course. Lulu and Tia had been surviving on the streets of Canterlot for over four years, before Sombra had traveled to their dimension and fond little Tia alone and scared in an alleyway, a stolen loaf of bread, a rag and a rusty pocket knife as her only possessions. 

After bringing the girls under his care, he'd made sure they got the best in care. their health was rather bad, their knowledge minimal, and their table side manners non existent. The two alicorns didn't know a fork from a spoon, nor that they were supposed to eat using them. He found it bitterly humorous to watch as they learned things they should have already known.

things his dimension's Celestia and Luna had used to know...before he'd defeated them.

He vowed he'd protect these two from anything, he'd be the father figure they needed, and the guardian they should have had so long ago. 

so it came with a ironic twist that when Mr. Split seam showed up in the crystal empire, demanding that the girls be returned to him, Sombra tore into him with all of the anger and hatred he could, whittling the sad excuse for a stallion down to his knees,  and showing him that he was no longer...necessary. 
Wandering Nomads
Alicorns by nature are nomads, never taking up residence in any particular place, nor stating that any one country is their home. They travel and learn all they can. This is both to gain more knowledge of their surroundings, but also to slowly bleed off the magical power of their ascension. They try to avoid large populated areas. When an Alicorn ascends, they discharge a magical blast that can level large portions of a city, depending what their talent is. Twilight sparkle, while a new Alicorn, leveled an entire town and wiped it clean off the map of Equus. 

Governments from bygones era have tried to claim these creatures as volatile beast that must be destroyed, or contained and controlled for their magical powers, but none have succeeded. Legendary Alicorns, such as Luna of the moon, and Celestia of the sun, had entire crusades brought upon them. The leaders of these attacks believing they could harness the powers for themselves, or rid the world of a terrible being.

All are have said to failed, and for two key reasons. 

1. Alicorns are inherently immortal, and cannot die. Multiple attempts have been made to test this theory over the ages, all proven correct. Alicorns do not die. 

2. the second reason for the unsuccessful capture and or removal of the Alicorn, is that they are a necessary element of our world. Without them, our world would cease to exist. Alicorn take over a domain or important aspect of our world. Luna and Celestia themselves keep the celestial cycle going, thus we have day and night, and are capable of growing food and have been able to create a structured civilization around their schedules. Cadance, controls and regulates the emotional stability of the planet, or at least several hundred miles of wherever she is currently occupying. She can bring forth the truest emotions in a creature and lay bare their hearts for all to see. 

Twilight is a new ascension, which is why this report is relevant. any and all reports of her powers seem to align with that of magic, unicorns in her presence have stated that spells work far too easily, the caster of said spell stating that they felt little to no magical drain after casting some of the hardest spells known to our race. Earth ponies claim to feel so in tune with nature that they can grow trees from seeds within minutes. After checking rumors of this, I found several oasis that sprouted in a desert seemingly over night from a prolonged encounter with the lavender one. Pegasi have had possibly the least reaction, but this might be due to their unwillingness to talk with me on what they felt. The few answers I got sounded like they felt faster, stronger, and more capable of doing aerial feats they recently were unable to. 

I aim to find this new alicorn and commence more research on her once I do. As they are nomadic, my last verified sighting of her was in the Saddle Arabian desert. She is following Cadance for reasons unknown, perhaps she needs a guide to teach her how to harness and control these newfound powers of hers. Or perhaps she is like Luna, seeking out Celestia for companionship, a fellow species to relate to their plight. 

Twilight used to be a unicorn scientist living in Canterlot, This much I have verified as true. She was studying the magical elements of thaumatons, and something...happened. It is not clearly known what took place. This is something I aim to find out as well if she will oblige me with company. I leave on the morrow,  for three months. My things are packed, and my wife, Starlight Glimmer, shall be head of the research here in the crystal empire while I am away. 

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.

-- Sunburst, Unicorn researcher. 


Another Au Idea i had where alicorn ascension is a dangerous matter and alicorns aren't the rulers of equstria, but more like nomads that travel around the planet. I plan to do Luna and celestia next.


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