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well to cut the middle man and stuff i'm posting my og story here and well its mostly because i've reached my goal of 300 watchers finally and figured to go and check out a new venture and out let for my works click on to the link to read any of my original stories since i'm going to be posting those there so if its not a fan fic or story then it will be on this site any new stories posted i'll place the link here to check them out so thank yo all for your support, and thank chu Da for allowing me to gain the confidence to work on this next project for my writing

who knows this may be a good step towards manga publishing or light novel publishing but we'll find out in the future take care and wub to luv ya

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well this is just a bit of an update to my pokemon fic that i'm going to at least keep going as my secondary project when i can: this will be up so i can remember where the hell i am in the story trust me 50 plus more episodes and i stll have my sly cooper thing to finish as well as my two sonic fics not to mention a few of my gifts. i'll throw poetry in the mix every once in awhile but not unless i am truly inspired so that will be on the back burnner till i get this done.

i think the episodes are all out of order so i need to up date these episodes and stuff so we for the record are on 104 .... damn i am such nerd.

104: whispers in the wind- Team zodiac learn about the the incident that happened out at sea but that is nolonger their priority, for due to the unsurity of Aires loyalty they await for their master to arrive and set up preparations for their next operation in capturing the torch

105: Eyes on the future.  Annie and Oakley go to do a quick check up on Team rocket but end up being persecuted for betrayal

105: Retribution in the sky. Diamond sees it as a chance to finish the job and confronts the girls to a high flying battle one that she says is fair and square, but it becomes a fight for survival when Helena and heart intervenes.

106: letting go of ones fear. To obtain the willow whisp badge the girls must understand that the only thing to fear is failing and falling to you doom...wait when did this rule come in to play?

107:Running with the pack: the girls help a pack of wild jackelsas fend off their territory from a pride of pyroars

108: We will say it once more Encore!!!: heading up to the northern lands to the frosted cities and towns up north they hear of a new auditorium being built and decide to look it over, but a familiar fiend has issues with the place and wishes to tear it down

109: those who defy fate: the dragon of saturn, and pluto hear how neptune let the girls not only live but told the two that they were fated to take over and become the pokemon of the eternal soul. they figure they want to see these humans for themselves.

110: two eevee's know two much: now being on the run anie and oakly can only entrust the two eevees to escape after being tracked down by team nova star.

111: to capture it all: in time to get her fourth ribbon Zerra's and Civannahs unison is starting to show extirior changes to their forms, and soon memories of both their past and Glacifiares past are being blended as as few are being removed and others merged into one. reminded of when she first became a poke-morph zerra beings to break down mentally over the events and her bodys' inability to keep itself together.

112: capture it all /part two Selina and Syvannah attempt assisting the girls but soon realize that the possiblities of them simply fading and nothing of their oldselves remaining could be more true than either of them thought possible

113: hoping another episode doesn't accur durring the gym battle in the frozen city they attempt to play off any abnormalties that would could give off any suspition but when a near blizzard attack hits civannah freezing her solid the gym battle is post pone and the worst possible thing now is how to explain how she is unharmed and not suffering from any side affects.

114: Love not wanted: Phoenix attempts to get over her feelings for alucard dissmising them as nothing but his cute charm but after admitting that they are real she confronts him only to send the wrong message to the fox in the room.

115: reunited under the black hole sun: Jade and amber continue to fight through the wild with Jade not being trained to teleport long distances and Amber hurt from an attack of houndoom. they may not make it back to Civannahs group to pass the message.

116: Jupiters red storm: the dragon god of thunder approaches the girls to inform them that the devil had been watching them and is greatly displeased with their constant interferance. He must make sure that the union is completed or the spirit is sepperated and desires to test this union for himself

117: Helping those at the beginning of their end: Making it to the beginning academy where the next badge would be the girls decide to do a mock battle but as the tension heats up their souls buckle and the spirit takes over to finish the match for them but is this a show of them keeping their own identities or lossing them.

118: a broken heart: Heart finds the location of her once first pokemon and plans to bring them to egnimadar as a gift but seeing her once favorite in pain and distrought awakens something in the woman

119: True power: after loosing the first battle for the loki badge the girls attempt to figure away to get around the status alments and tricks placed by the fairy pokemon and their poisonous counter parts

120: The luminous trap of egnimadar: after coming so close to securing another angel the dark mind of the mother pokemon soon grows tired of relying on humans thus taking it upon herself to observe the capture of the remaining angels

121: darkest hour.

\with all three angels it is only a mater of time till she sets up the ceremony to become the

devil she desires to be.

122; Arceus denied: during the ceromoy CIvannah and company deside to crash the party but can they save the angels and is the tourch strong enough to defeat the devil herself 

poke list for reminder and if any one wants to add their own idea as said bellow i'll more than happily look over and concider

Titaneon the steel eevee,  (train eevee titanium core mines in gust burrow town home of the grid iron badge

Grifaleon the flying eevee (train in the meteor temple on skyslimit peak)

Spectreon the ghost eevee( hold the dusk stone while in the pokemon ghost ship)

thrd evolutions Anubryu: The thrid evolution of lucario have lucario hold a dragon scale while knowing dragon pulse, and ancient power.

Mysfortunate: Third evolution of jynx (have jynx hold frozen crystal eye)

Telichamen: third from of medicham (must have the orien belt and be fighting in the celestrial gardens battle grounds.)

Mymesenior: Thrid form of mr mime. (the oval glasses and mime cap then train in the gardens)

Herracroschet: third for of herracross. (have the iron shell on)

rictorroodo: the third form of sudowoodo (have the have the creature train in the iron minns)

Shezam: new form of kadabra female only (dawn stone while in the gardens.)

and new pokemon Broxahroo: the joey pokemon type ground fighting evolved form Brawli the swift foot pokemon type

.orekah: water/rock male. water/steel female: the orca pokemon  these large sea fareing pokemon are known to swim against tides an even with there rock like bodies do it with quite ease

"Horydecord: Ice/ghost the banshee pokémon. The vocals of this pokémon can reach frequencies of hypersonic and can be toned to be able to do nothing but tingle the ear

Pyradder: fire pioson. THis snake like pokemon as deep pores covering it's body that act as heat pockets storing and releasing heat to warm and cool itself were ever it may live

cerbermise: evolutions  houndoom through the skull gem the hell hound pokemon; Their bone breast plate is used not only to defend against impact but when polished by the tempeture of its' body it becomes very useful for attracting possible mates."

Espisune: fire psychic/when a ninetales fails to use it's energy through it's life cycle the energy is said to have a seventy percent chance into forming in to a pokemon itself. depending on how much energy is left in the body at death.

Chikiduk: the flawed pokemon type flying evoved form dovawk the peace&war pokemon type flying final form falcosprey:the prestige pokemon type flying

chilkendo: the sword pokemon type fighting ice

quidink: the javalen pokemon: type water poison evoved formed krakaink type the javelin pokemon type water poison

hovior: the wide wing pokemon fighting flying evolved form Harritol the garuda pokemon type fighting flying

eginie: the birth pokemon type normal evolves to deinachi: the morning star pokemon Type flying ice(with sun stone) twilinought: the evening star pokemon  type flying dark(with dusk stone) dawnacraw: the dusk  star pokemon type flying fire {with dawn stone)

Mantininis: the praying pokemon type bug flying spritarve: psychic/but type found mostly in damp caves they listen off of sound

Tidar: the inocent pokemon type water dark tidars are known to be caught accidently by pokeballs due to their courious and inocent nature how they evolve is some what a mysterie so not many keep them.

evolves to Tidarnat: the confident pokemon type water dark its protective shell is quote un quote inpenitrable dew to it being made of a special dark crystal pressurized by the ocean due to this its very cocky and will run blindly into anything

final form is Tidarosion: the wise pokemon  type water dark this massive pokemon ranges form fifteen to twenty feet tall while wieghing 450lbs but that is an estiment for they attack any thing in their territory with such ferocity that studies on this creature is a rare practice.

porpugiest: the spectral fish pokemon type water ghost dolphantum: the spectral fish pokemon type water ghost

will be done next week you hope   okay fine i'll tell you some more jackelsa: the wild dog pokemon electric type.

grubbes" the grub pokemon type bug evolves in to scracoon  the bound pokemon bug steel final forms at night locusite. the scrap pokemon or at day lokivorie: the shimmering pokemon  type bug steel

pescant: the weak pokemon type psychic descript looks like a little baby goat with two nubs on its head tattered fur normally grey with splotches of white, with fur covering its eyes much like pillowswine very timmid and must be belived in to evolve   evolves from male. Vyken: the brute pokemon type electric ice Descript: a large ram like creature built much like a bear able to stand on its rear hoofs, the front hoofs have claw like extentions,it can use to gash opponents. as the large spiraling horns are made of solid ice that is kept at a zero below at all times, it's fur now pure white it is thick enough to with stand the most fridged tempetures it has a nasty habbit of judging power by ramming into eachother and whos ever horns breaks first is the looser. evolves from female valcorine the finess  pokemon type psychic electric descript: A very slender figure comparing to vyken it's hoofs arn't made of the ridged ice like the male counter part but more delicate allowing them to break easily but they can regrow them over night. It's fur tone consist of light blues than pure white, but like vyken the stag like creature can rise up and fight on its rear hoofs yet has smaller exstentions.and as uncomfortable it is it will not do it unless it has to. its fur not being as thick it uses it's menality to force cold air to warm up to a reasonable tempeture . the horns though smaller and more decerative in design are still made of solid ice yet are more like feathers then horns that give the apearence of flying when it hits full speed.

barracu; the sharp tooth pokemon type water fighting descript: much lugia it has finger tip like fins that allow it to create fist. it's small frame doesn't have any thing to make up for it for it's not very fast out of water and perferes to keep battles in it's teritory it has three rows of tiny sharp teeth and it's snout is very sensitive to changes in water pressure long slender body is about three feet long and webbed feet hardly have to work if it feels like swirving through the water as it swims this fish has no female evolution aka females don't evolve.

evolves to rokeajahw the snap jaw pokemon type water fighting descript:a large were shark like monster long sharp claws fins along the arms and down the back it gains two more rows of teeth with a long tail. They soon grow webbed hands with teeth along the inner edges. that when the fingers are brought together they look like another head. as well as feet but hardly use them to swim several stripes go accross their back as two cut accross the eyes froming an X one each one. the tail fin though siclechi: the nat pokemon: type ice bug evolves to sciclence: the dragon fly pokemon type ice bug

firant: the firant pokemon type fire bug descript: its an tri mandable ant with six two clawed legs two long poisonus pins on the end of two long wire like tails females do not evolve the same ways males do males take experience females you must make them happy. evovles to antheater the fire ant pokemon type fire ground descript: think of an anteater with only two claws on each foot fur made of fire and you pretty much got it lol

peelow: the neko pokemon reveehitah: the shifting pokemon: steel fighting Discription: a feline fighter based on its speed black with gun metal gold spots it has thick bushles of white fur on its wrist and legs that are constructed of titanium bristles along with the striped head dress like mane that gose over its shoulders and down its back. it has, females head dresses are shorter but fur bands are further stretched along the arm and leg.  

watflie: the spring water pokemon type water bug discript:a strait blue fly like pokemon trasparent wings tiny mandable with straw like tongue and a little black nub on its rear and along it's back always multilensed eyes no bigger than a tinny kitty no diffrence between male and female evolves to bublbee. the water bee pokemon. type water bug: a bit bigger and the wingspan has grown but other than the antena lengthening to reach all the way to the back and the black nubs on the back now becoming fins it almost looks the same like rapidash isn't that big of a change from ponyta. Males already have their stinger by in second form final form aquasp: the water bee pokemon type water bug. discript: the biggest change out of the three for now i has gotten a patturn of black rings all around its boddy the fins have fully grown and have hollow tips that despence water vaper and the stinger is about five inches long and hollow and fires high pressurized streams of water that can cut through steel rock and any thing else that may threaten it. Now the size of a german sheppard it takes full advantage of its wing span giving it burst of speed but only in one direction for so long.females wings are clearer and longer.

ironpul the guppy pokemon type steel water descript: a tiny little gold fish made of soft iron. metal protrusions poke out of it fins and tail long snout used for sucking up small plants on the sea floor. ledake the sea urchin pokemon type steel water. descript: it's a sea urchin what more descript can i give you really lol lead spins to protect it's self and only a small slit for it's eyes and a hole for the mouth l.l colors dusk grey lol

steeloceyn the iron serpent pokemon  type steel water: description: this sea creature is considered to be the tyranatar of the ocean it only has two fore arms and one long powerful tail it uses for propelling its body through the water. two large dorsal fins are edged with steel as its once lead defences have also hardened has a horizantol and vertical tail fin and a segmented lower jaw it. color scheme navy with gleams of sliver lining where the steel frame that covers it's body can be seen.  

sculbir: the tatered wing pokeom ghost flyingis. discipt: about condor size and about the same look, hooked beak, and exstending neck that seemes to be made of spinal collum the feathers on the wings look lazily drapped over bone as well as the tail feathers has a white cross along it's back that stretches across the wings colors black and white with no eyes

uranytop" the isotope pokemon: type steel ghost:  a glowing ball of what seams to be pure plasmic energy (pink female, blue male, and black no gender.)surrounded by four steal rings with several tiny speres orbiting it.eyes rang form black to floresent.

Okay im giving the three starter pokemon cause i really like taunting

cubma the blur pokemon type:  fire evolved form voliger the power hunter pokemon type steel fire final form. solar form lavguar. the stealth type steel fire final form: lunar form molentpard steel fire

azelpoy: the petal pokemon type grass second form: vinraptor the vineyard pokemmon type dark grass final form: solar form carnotropic the poketrap pokemon type dark grass second final from lunar form lirask the poketrap pokemon type dark grass

Dukins: the water fowl pokemon type water next step hydroose the honking pokemon type water flying final form solar form swanqua: the elegent pokemon final form lunar form cranauga : the spear bill pokemon water flying

(the solar lunar forms are a phanominom with the three starters that is explained to being due to the celesrial paterns of day and night much like eevee) and the nine new legends... will be never know till i point them out in the story (hint they're all dragons ) 55 new pokemon in the region should there be moes ??? oh wait then the past evelutions of the cardtruplets so that makes 59  then the three starters that is all else fales i'll think of something lol. but all together its 62 new pokemon are welcomed  so if any one has any ideas just put them in the comments and i'll be happy to look them over.


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okay this is a new thing and i'm not sure but there will be no traditional christmas twenty five.... i'll try to still do gifts but i'm gonna try to complete some stories i've been meaing to finish so yeah thats whats going on so don't ask about it for as much as i love doing them but this year has been some what daunting with open enrollment and my attempts to get projects finished so, yeah no christmas 25 this year

to state this now for some reason my notes aren't working and letting me read them so untill i care enough to find out why just comment on the page itself don't send me any notes you won't get a response

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thanks for friendship and love of my friends on this site my birth day was full of happy specialness and that's with out unloading the switch i got  with smash bomber man R megaman legacy collection and many others and soon after i'm done trading in some other games since i don't need them twice over i might have some other games that i've been wanting so it has been a good day. thanks all and i'll be hoping for a nother year of fun writing and joyful game playing and cookies 
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just cause christmas was on time and due to my new job january new song day was delayed and let alone canceled, doesn't mean i will miss on my favorite month of the year As a poet and song writer it will be making sure that i get at least some work done before feb 14 and since it is love i will be focusing most of my works on the subject so guess what cutesie poetry for days. 
This is not a gift off or commission thing or trade post since i'm not good enough for any lol this will just be me throwing out some reduex, sonnets, quads, and maybe a gahal here or there. Again this is just for the month of febuary and when march comes well i'll be lazy and not post a damn thing till dec or october, or when ever my wife tells me to stop being a bitch and get off my writer's ass and stuff lol but back to the point. If i owe you something i'll do my best to get it done and well if you inspire me and stuff you know my rules and stuff so no need to concern. Take care and dueces this fox is out 
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since i'm getting back to it time for a update by Backjack-Kitsune, journal

well it was a good dway by Backjack-Kitsune, journal

the month of luv...... damn it why now... by Backjack-Kitsune, journal

merry christmas .... there sent all the gifts... by Backjack-Kitsune, journal

well if its that time again then why am i late?? by Backjack-Kitsune, journal