to capture the wind

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As i looked down upon her, victory at last in my grasp i had to ask her.

"What do you say, she who as mocked captivity, who had so boastfully

sang to the high heavens, and the darkest depths of the sea that there

was no one who could confined your spirit and that you would always be

free?" I taunted as I leaned further wishing to hear the disgruntled sneer

of my advisory, yet i heard nothing from the soul that fluttered just out of

my reach. She with those brilliant eyes that shimmered, like the starlight

glimmered will be most adored and treasured page of my glorious legacy.

But as she turned to me to as if she was ready to speak; nothing came to

grace my ears that I could indulge in. No feeble dribble of protest spewed

from her beak. "Speak foul rouge; spit your hatred at she who has clipped

your wings. Where do you plan to flee to now? Tell me, you retched scawb

where is your bravado your moxie? Where is that slanderous tongue that

will be torn from your beak in less than a week from today?" I kicked the

stockade that held her fast to the great earth, but in the end still nothing

till she looked at me with pain filled eyes and spoke her mind.

"I pity you, such an elegant and bewitching creature bound to the belief

that there is only one of me. Tell me do you truly believe that my death

will even mean anything?" She asked so calmly as if she knew for a fact

that my torturous threats were as empty as the streets that soon would

display her dying moments. "You understand that you will never be rid

of me, or the ideals that ripples off my plumage like the waters that kiss

mother sky." She then looked away back to the ocean that she so loved

and for a moment my glance followed, looking towards the open sea

yet her voice brought me back to the painful reality that she was forcing

me to accept. "Do you truly think that my life will end just cause you wish

it? " I could form no answer for my voice was stripped from me, as if she

had stolen it like she had so many other things that i hoped would forever

be mine. "No, my beloved rival, the one creature that i cherish even more

than my freedom. The spirit of the wind is as free as my own dazzling soul

for no cage can force an end to her song; no bottle can hold in her echoing

cry for the many to join her, whether it be by sea or sky."

She then grew silent and turn away from me as if to hide her shame from

me, as if i was disappointed in her inability to remain one step ahead, one

or two more inches from my grasp. In one fell swoop she stole it all from

me, my voice, my ego, the desire i had to watch her hang and swing like the

chapel bells that would toll for the new day...Yet at the same time this bird

reminded me of how i felt flying and traversing the jet-streams and flowing

tide, how i felt with nothing but mother sky before me and sister sea below,

but more importantly how i felt flying not just against her, but with her.

"Why..." i spoke silently trying not to look her in the eyes, afraid that I would

lose more than i already had to this raven, clothed as a parrot with the voice

of a phoenix. I could only hope that she didn't registered my words but as she

turned to look at me, she asked me to repeat what i said. "Why...why won't

you let me have this moment, why must you steal everything from me?" I

questioned but before she could speak, i found myself kissing her, for no

other reason but to silence her, and to give me a moment to think, to just

gather my feelings' to separate what i knew was true and what i believed.

Upon release i walked away knowing what i left behind, but also knowing

what i had gained. Upon release i knew that they would be a second to late

and she would be gone, yes free once more to explore mother sky to her

hearts content. But upon release i would be free to enjoy the splendors of

of our game. "My dearest and most beloved rival; i hope you keep to your

word for i will not stand my heart being stolen by a peahen who promised

me the heavens and can only give me the salt of the sea." I listened as the

wood fell to the cobble and smiled leaving her behind, yet i said one last

thing as i looked back out of the corner of my eye. "You know that you are

wrong, dear captain. for there is only one of you, and that one is the only

one who i will call my beloved..." I finished feeling the ceiling had been lifted

off of my soul as i was finally able to embrace, and let go of the undesired

hatred and bitterness towards a woman that i had adored. Her lasting words

though chimed clearly in my heart, but as she blew me a kiss i swiftly turned

saber in hand and cut throught the expressed affection, and only said. "next

time we meet i want to feel not just your lips but your body against mine."… :iconzidanemina: long proses are long i don't like doing proses cause they  are long and pain ful but they are longs 
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