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i had a moment of weakness where the squeakiness
of my uniqueness was nearly ripped off my body.
were i was nearly exposed for the absurd non explainable
gibbering messofnonexplisits  that would throw Hemmingway
and Cummings in to jabberwotical fits.

I question the difference and try to reference in hopes
that i would be granted some amount of vague hints
but i truly question the limitations of my chosen love
and profession. Is all poetry meant to be simply a
demon, caged rage that gives way to pain.

She has no answers for me for she is as lost as i
though thou shalt try to explain we both see
things very differently and if poetry is no longer words
of beauty, diligent and harmony well screw me...
i grew up in the wrong age

so tis a jazzer or a romantic with words that fly around
like hazzards on a skate park after dark unable to pull
a mctwist or list 900 like tony hawk i think i might rethink
this lie  for is it better to show the beast inside, or stick to
my own soul and let art die.
the change in poetry seems to be a bit much for this fox, i don't write often but i don't know is what i write still considered poetry and if not what is poetry nowadays?  i know they say its not about the points but about the message and i wonder if my poetry is conveying that message or any message at all. i'm discussing it with my girl and we both are a bit lost on it all. and well like i said over and over again to my peers i don't like raw poetry i never have. it bores and annoys me that all people can talk about is the same shit we hear on the news or the troubles of their own pathetic life, but i decided to be a bit raw in this one and hell expose myself a bit.... And i hate every fiber in my foxy being for it.…
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This poem was read on our Writer Gang LiveStream. Don't forget to check it out!

- Chennie
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sweet glad you liked it