a show for the sinner

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heavenly pageantries or would it be better to call them

symphonies; echoing endlessly as they sing to me. Tell

me little fledgling what wonders have you seen, as you

fly across the skies looking upon the wonderous sea.

Please let me listen to the harmonious hum of your song,

share with me the stories that have been passed down

through your flock and let me bare witness to what it means

to fly along the currents of mother sky,

for long ago i was once like you able to enjoy the splendors of

the heavens till i was cast down by my sins that bound me to

the earth this was inspired by an artworks by my friend fae for another friend dragon
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Lend thy ear, father,

And I will give it four such symphonies:





Do not let thy hopes be daunted,

But look for a new spring to arise e'er all is over...

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Yes thou hast blessed my ears with the joys of

lifes harmonious song, but alas even though she

sings such wonderous hymns i can only here the

solom cries of her jesters melody:

and it has been in my head eversince

Lonewolf-Sparrowhawk's avatar

Perhaps should one fill ears and heart with better things

Better thoughts would soon follow...

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Backjack-Kitsune's avatar
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