War never changes

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As i sit here pondering the quandaries that leave the ages questioning,

longing for an answer, a truth that will never become known except by

a select few who understand that no matter what happens, how many

sides there may be in this contest for conquest; war never changes.

Wandering the scapes of land; trespassing or protecting. Giving it all

and never thinking twice on the why or the reasons that keep those

recruiting and formatting lies, as they understand war never changes

No war has remain the same since the dawn of its construction. This

everlasting legacy that begs those to danced this waltz, this sweet

variable tango of kill-La-kill, Re-Me-La-kill, kill-La-kill, Do-Re-La-kill

enticing the souls to step in time, and in line with the rhythm he, the

reaper has always played for she knows that war never changes

Consistent is she, who's heart beats to the marching trek of soldiers

honoring their cause, even if they don't know what they're fighting

against, even if they are unsure of the cause they are fighting for. I

never understood how one of the oldest practices in history, that can

galvanize a countries people to believe and strive as one, and yet

empty the souls of families as the grieve over those forever lost to

situations beyond their control, but then again war never changes

...people do...

version of this poem i won't lie i thought about doing a simple ghazual but on the subject there were two many things i wanted to hit on so i like this version for its a mixture of a ghazual and line poem, this was fun i might still do the simple ghazual but we'll see as for now this is what i likes i hope you likes it too.… :iconquicktron:
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