The many who were lost

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When one is alone with their thoughts, they can recall who happen to cross

over the veil. They can recall the words of their parting partners who were lost

The haunting songs of gunfire overlaying the many screams that would gloss

the survivors, and those left behind to burry their parting partners who were lost

in a conflict that they hadn't even started, that they were simply pawns to toss

into the flames of this regretful tragedy. I had no parting partner who was lost,

I had no body who cared for me, to protect me from laying face down in the moss

and grime of the battle field. But then why i'am i here instead of she who was lost

Why am i the one cleaning the blood off of my body; waiting for the one i called boss?

Is it because i was weak? was it because i hesitated to fire upon those who were lost

in this heated conflict and afraid to die as i was at the time? Or was it i never loss

my sense of mercy my sense of humanity to see them as no different. She who was lost

on that day...she showed no disappointment, even though many saw such a cost

as to great. She crossed over the veil with no regrets; our commander who was lost

to us simply looked at me and said with her normal sass. "Ya did good lass, ya managed

to do the hardest thing in war...ya showed mercy, you showed that no mater how violent

this little scrimmage may get, that we can never let it consume our heart, for only then

are we truly lost."… :iconquicktron:  war is sadness i war is pain, there is not joy in killing .... its how i will always feel as an army vet its never fun knowing what your are instructed to do and knowing that if you don't many others will die because of it. sorry hate getting personal with my poetry and my muse is telling me that's enough so much love to our armed forces and those in service, be safe out there. 
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