The Shyness Behind Their Advances

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What is this feeling that courses through me like the heated blood

that flows through my veins/ flooding my cheeks/ showing the two

of them those moments that i wish/that i pray/ that i only hope to

escape into seclusion/far away from this illusion, that pesters and

leaves me bothered as they tethered me to desires of their nethers

Do they see something in me that sedates some sort of need/ some

sort of fetish/ a personal itch that draws them to my presence like an

aphrodisiac that cannot be denied/ rejected or ignored, for it had

bored so deep into their psyche that in the end they just can't exist

without me. Tell me; why does any other intrusion of my personal

space only make me question the rudeness of such aggression, but

when it is they/ when it is those two/ when it is the blessed angels

who comfort my everything/ sooth my eternity/ and who i would

give my virginity.. why is it that I feel this magnetic attraction/yes

this deep longing satisfaction/ a need for their interaction with me

to feel complete. is it that i desire them to toy with me/ to tell me

that I'm nothing more than a delectable treat that they would love

to wrap their lips, and legs around/ to invade my purity/ stroking

every inch of my internal being. Or is it that, I know behind their

succubitic glances and advances they are just as shy as me.… :iconracoonkun: i'm just posting out of bordum and needing to do so so i can remember which ones i've don and which i haven ... i guess that's a good reason lol 
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