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yes, when i was a young bun

who knew nothing but the fun

in the world. i did things to please

me, left alone to simply believe

my gifts would take me as far

as any true proficient galar star....

but again when i was a young bun

i lost my only ball due to my fun

;to a world that i could not please

nor satisfy. alone to sadly believe

my gifts were a mock to show how far

away i truly was from that galar star

but you see when i was a teen bit

i swore my lost ball i wouldn't quit

and i wouldn't replace it. Not till

i showed those that i had the will

to move the world with my talents

and not be pushed under as if irrelevant

yeah when i was that growing teen bit

i swore to my brothers' ball; that to quit

would to let the faith he had rot till

spoiled but i would not sacrifice my will

to a world that spat at my family's talent

in hopes to prove my kind irrelevant

Heh, you see that when i was a young ace

i built myself to replace and see the face

of those who doubted me and my abilities

said that i would crumble under the tragedy

of the accident that claimed your greatness

but i learned from the greatest, no thats a pass-tense

for you see when i was a bold young ace

i would take great pleasure in seeing the face

of those who saw the pride i took in my abilities

and how i allowed your painful tragedy

to be my sweeper and push me into greatness

you showed me an ace cant fold no mater how tense

to the present now that i am a great ace

i feel i can regain what i once misplaced

the joy and love that the world tried to steal

from my spirit, and fire that couldn't be conceal

for it was gnawing away at the truth of my reality

the ball that was lost so long ago has come back to me

Yes now this dynamic great ace

has his passion, his soul, no-longer misplaced

among the tears that his regret would steal.

How can one try to smother a fire, and conceal

a desire that burns down the worlds false reality

for i have back what was lost a champions intensity

well  as alway thanks to  :iconall0412: for the inspiration i think this was a fun experiment and  never did a poem like this. the poem is four  separate  poems placed to four seperate images  its dosen't look as if you would get the full effect if you did it just like this  lol…

first two stanzas…
second two :…
third two:…
final two:…
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