Mate of Mother Moon

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They say she of the moon has no other lover

then those who howl and bless her with their

cries of loyalty.

They say that she dreams of nothing more than

her children who were blessed to her by a demon

who's inccubitic smile would drive her senses into

a heated frenzy that would not cease till both were

bloody and panting on the palace floor.

Many rumors have circulated around and about she

who dwells upon the abyssal face of her lovely luna,

yes she who heeds to no other, but he whose identity

is only know by the lycan children who he raised.

But maybe if you listen closely you will hear my lovely

lapin bride screaming my name, as she bares fangs and

swallows my heart allowing me to become one with her

this was inspired by Silvixen heres her twitch account and was a commision to Reelie who's character this was bassed off of ... what is it and bunnies .... I'm a foxy fox i should write more things about foxies.... i guess we foxes are fasinated by the little cuddle puddle of adorableness 
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