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When one is oblivious of oblivion, one tends to ignore the destruction

that may come with it. They may choose to simply walk away from the

fires that rage and the screams to be freed from damnations tiny cage

When one regrets not the regression of civilization, one tends to not

look back at the progression of the flames that reduce and consume ...

consume and reduce with tireless repetition. They though may adjust

their shades as they continue to move forward with no hesitation.

Do you understand what it means to be deaf to the sound of death, or

even mute to the sight of mutilation? How easy is it to walk carelessly

away from another's pain and suffering, just because its not your own?

So when one is senseless to the sense of senseless destruction, one tends

to understand what it truly means to be human. And when they are human

they can finally accept the facts that they have every tool, and reason to

look back but don't cause they want to look cool .…  :iconpyrasterran: thanks aways this was rather a long one that i wanted to do so you know should could have done it be hind us lol 
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Really cool concept :) I loved the way you use words like "mute" to rhyme with "mutilation" - this kind of in verse rhyme that creates a rhythm that just sucks you in and keeps you on the edge while reading!

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