Emotions are but rust

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Emotions are but rust upon the soul

marking the weak and weary who

only seek the pity of the many. yes

those who need not for the understanding

insecurities that plague the world .

our kind need not to feel the pain of the

needy but to burn away such taxing tolls

simply because they would only hinder us

Any who have lived through the reality

realize the sorrows that accompany

every choice, behind every voice ...

Broken and scattered to the winds as

unidentifiable murmurs and whispers

taunting the strong with the idea of

Regression and retreat. Sing to me a

unified reason to not see as i do? a

song that convinces me that i don't

try hard enough to understand these

Useless feelings that keep me from being

perfect. For these feelings only hold back

only delay the pain and hurt that you have

never felt. You could not fathom the

Torment that riddles my psyche, that

holds the gauge to my skull and mocks

each choice i have made, and will make...

So don't come to me, he who knows the

one reason that makes a tiger a feared

uncontested, and dangerous, for he

learned to throw away his humanity

.And his emotions were just rust upon the soul.… emotions are what make man week yet emotions are what make animals strong  :iconsiqko: i love this poem for it makes me thingk about man kind and how flawed we are 
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"...and his emotions were just rust upon the soul"
Powerful close!
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thank chu did you see how the meaning surrounds the poem lol