Dancing Swan of the Crystal Lake

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dance sweet swan, lace the lake with the elegance of your song.

let the ripples echo their response as your reflection prances in

time with each step, as you step in time with your own personal

phantom, and display to the world the sorrows of our opera. So

sing with me as i sing with you take my hand oh reflection, of my

perfection, and become the mate that i so longed for. Dance with

me as i dance with you, and hold me close till the inflection of their

perception see's us as one who perceives the world as their opera

and the lake as their stage. Let they embrace the pageantry of our

symphony as the pains of your elegy, swirl and mix with the joys of

my harmony. Let us give them a show that leaves them longing for

more as their souls scream out...Encore… i love this tubber and their talent and this was a poem that i wanted to write for some time . thank nori nori 77 for the inspiration  and be safe
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