A demon's innocence

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are you truly enticed by the sight of sin? Do you see me and

forget that all i want is to lure you in and feast on the

innocence of your heavenly fathers forgiveness. Tell me what

do you adore more; what fantasies cease your mentality and

bring you one step closer to your damnation? what desires

light your fire and cause you to pant and scream a name that

has you forsaking he who has claimed to set you free from the

chains of your spiritual incarceration?

i am just a seller of the oldest profession that has many leaning

through the churches confession booths hoping that they could be

seen in a better light than the red light district where you found me

licking my lips stroking my hips displaying what i wanted through

wordless tips of emotions and moaning notions that simply stated

that i am the embodiment of a demons innocence an art gift for a friend that i wanted to write so there we go 
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