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April 27, 2008
~back2root has used real hardware such as nuts, bolts, washers and clasps in creating Nuts Jewellery - V Necklace and with its beautiful design it is really an unique and amazing piece of jewelry.
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Nuts Jewellery - V Necklace

This is from my 'Nuts' jewellery range. all the pieces are made from real hardware (Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Clasps, Ball Bearings etc) and are bound together with silver and gold wire. A piece of this size takes around a week or so to finish working on it for a couple of hours a day. Despite what you may think, the pieces are actually not too heavy... in the scheme of things:) and are surprisingly comfortable to wear.

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IllyDragonfly's avatar
Woah, something I'd totally wear, even if I suspect they are pretty chilly on the naked skin. XD
YeskeCrafts's avatar
This is really cool and creative!
LittleTwiga's avatar
O wow. I've been using nuts as pendants for awhile, I'm wearing two on a silver chain right now, and when I saw this I was just like: UPGRADED. 
ZeldaOkami's avatar
I'd so buy that if i saw it in a shop
snugworth's avatar
that would make your chest/neck cold XD
MichelleMckinnon's avatar
i have been looking everywhere for a mannequin neck like this one, and i cant find one anywhere by any chance do you know what kind of shop i should go to to find a mannequin like this?
back2root's avatar
I'm pretty sure that we got ours off of eBay, thanks!
EvaNijsten's avatar
it is so .... I don't know but I like it a lot
contrarymary's avatar
That's a great idea!
revolta's avatar
i love this!
saricia's avatar
haha :D must be VERY heavy :D
ChianaKyoshiro's avatar
This is beautiful!!!!
AcidSpark's avatar
like it!!! you said it's not too heavy)) hmmm.... but it looks heavy)
DesireeMorte's avatar
Very neat. I have some stereo components laying around that are similar to these.... I should see what I can do with those.
back2root's avatar
That sounds really cool! I've actually been trying to find a way to recycle electronic/PC parts & turn them in to jewellery of some sort - It's actually a lot harder the the nuts stuff! Let me know if you have any success, I'd love to see the finished result...
SanjArt's avatar
I wanted to do it for a long time, hadn't done it so far and now I saw it done(:

...or, more like, Holy nuts!!! :D

Seriously, awesome design. Four thumbs up!!!
jnemati's avatar
its hightec!
BellaLuna67's avatar
absolutely perfect! :wow:
HelenKBL-jewellery's avatar
how cool is this I did something similar with chainmalle last year in my jewellery degree well done you yes i know what you mean as to how it fits and supprisingly not that heavy
navona11000's avatar
interesting... really great idea!
zoro-swordsman's avatar
I love the intricate work put in to this piece~ :wow:
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