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Mechanical Memory Pendant No3

I present to you my third mechanical memory pendant. This beautiful item is in the same style as my other USB keys but also doubles as a unique steampunk necklace.

The item has been made from the ground up taking 12 hours to complete. I have used the highest quality 8GB flash memory, housed in a hand carved zebrano chassis with around 50individual parts. It features a blue activity LED framed by a metal ring that shows through the lid of the key when working. So it can be worn as a necklace I added an aluminium tube to the key which I have threaded 4mm rubber thonging through, this clips behind the neck with a matching custom made magnetic clasp. The back of the key is a simple aluminium plate which would be suitable for engraving.

All the watch parts have come from damaged or irreparable pocket watches that have been hand disassembled and then combined to create a true, miniature work of art.

I made this item to order for a client and unlike most of my work, is actually staying within the UK.

If you like my work, why not follow me on FaceBook at this [link]
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nice items here, where 2 buy them?
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where do you get the USBs from?
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Hi, I´m writing an article about steampunk for e-shop on [link] and I want to show other people this great USB. Is it possible? Of course I put on it your nick and the link. Please let me know, thanks
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I appreciate you asking. I don't see any problem with that aslong as I'm credited :D
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Wow, it's beautiful.
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this is quite honestly one of the coolest things I've seen. I'm obsessed with mechanical watch movements and the mix of materials and complexity of this is gorgeous, not to mention it's functionality as well... genius!!

How much do you sell these for as I noticed there are none on your store (obviously I appreciate they won;t be cheap due to the painstaking amount of work that must go into them)... but just curious as to if I could ever afford to own one of these beauties!
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I just love these because they are so simple, so elegant and yet also functional. beautiful work! :D
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That looks beautiful! wonderful details and a cool idea
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. . . . wow. . . . this is an awesome piece!!
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I pray to you and to your steampunk memory.
They are very good.
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amazing! i love this.
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that is just amazing
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Oh, how I want this....
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Wow, that's amazing!
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dose it start moving or ticking when u put it in the the usb port?
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as always, I admire your work for the craftsmanship and fine details!
Can you make a vid on youtube of the designprocess you go trough, I think it might be very interesting and give people more of an image of the work you put in?
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This is simply amazing. It's beautiful.
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I really really REALLY WANNA BUY ONE OF YOUR FLASH DRIVES!!! D:!!!!! but i is poor... T_T
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