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The 80's by mchenry
michael jackson by nightwing1975
Garbage Pail Kid Bren by spiffylemonz
Daryl Hannah Portrait by Harnois75
1980s Cartoons and Kids Shows Art
Wilykit like Lion-O by XD-e-R-r-A-C-i-A-zX
Turtle Power by ArtNinjaTX
Megatron by Darknlord91
TMNT and GB (Shredder Gets Slimed) by SunfireRanger
1980s TV Shows Art
Cowabunga by FurkanHolmes
It's The End...(Fourth Doctor, Season 18, 1980-81) by Batced
Heathrow, 1981? by Batced
Frobisher and the Sixth Doctor by Batced
1980s Movies Art
Robo Cop by ArtNinjaTX

Mature Content

Space Girl (Earth Arrival: Text - Lifeforce) by SunfireRanger
Close-Ups (Energized Zuul) by SunfireRanger
Marty by bizdikbirt
1980s Toys and 1980s Retro Merchandise
Custom Castle Grayskull Back by WeirdFantasticToys
By The Power of Grayskull! by WeirdFantasticToys
Nasty Nick by MammalMage
So who called the capes? by ThePrincessRobotRoom
1980s Computer Games Art
Officer Vi - League of Legends by shawbrando
Press Start - Silkscreened Tshirt by BaronVonSauer
GA-HQ Art Contest Ninja Gaiden 2 by Mawnbak

Mature Content

GoldenAxe_Doodles_08sept2013 by AlexBaxtheDarkSide
1980s Iconic TV and Movie Vehicles
Space Ghost's Phantom Cruiser Schematics by Ravendeviant
NRVOUS by SwiftysGarage
Bueller?  Bueller?  Bueller? by SwiftysGarage
Galaxy Rangers Interceptor  Ranger-2 by bagera3005
1980s Music Icons
It Will Be Worth It by cvnxy
Toyah - The Changeling (GIF) by TheRandomGirlXD
Jean-Pierre Barda Instagram icon by TheRandomGirlXD
80s Coca Cola ad featuring Martin Gore by TheRandomGirlXD
1980s Inspired Crafts and Custom Figures
Saturday Morning Cartoons by GameBoyDM05
Gold Gun Girl the Broken Hearted by alfred24
Retro-hippo by DimitrijGontscharart
Retro Gecko by DimitrijGontscharart
1980s Cosplay
With Shaggy Shirt by Ivy95
Me with Joey Lawrence by JohnSpartan1982
Me as Jen from The Dark Crystal part 2 by JohnSpartan1982
Inhumanoids by fbwash
Anything Else 1980s
Freddy Krueger Bishoujo Terror by Dairetto


CaFe 80s - BTTF Logo by iFab CaFe 80s - BTTF Logo :iconifab:iFab 70 26 Gizmo and Furby by Domon1qu3 Gizmo and Furby :icondomon1qu3:Domon1qu3 29 26 Voltron: United and Drawn by AlonsoNunez Voltron: United and Drawn :iconalonsonunez:AlonsoNunez 16 5 Star Trek stamp by JediSenshi Star Trek stamp :iconjedisenshi:JediSenshi 164 20 Voltron: United and Drawn by Mecha-Zone Voltron: United and Drawn :iconmecha-zone:Mecha-Zone 215 61 Rick James in the Grid. by Peter-Hon Rick James in the Grid. :iconpeter-hon:Peter-Hon 2 2 Mumm Ra by Peter-Hon Mumm Ra :iconpeter-hon:Peter-Hon 5 1 YES by Songue YES :iconsongue:Songue 10 6 Deadman vs Ghost Busters by mannycartoon Deadman vs Ghost Busters :iconmannycartoon:mannycartoon 7 0 STay Puft Tattooed WIP by mannycartoon STay Puft Tattooed WIP :iconmannycartoon:mannycartoon 2 2 Happy 2015- Marty McFly by C0y0te7 Happy 2015- Marty McFly :iconc0y0te7:C0y0te7 10 4 HUNTER stamp by JediSenshi HUNTER stamp :iconjedisenshi:JediSenshi 2 0 JEM by happip JEM :iconhappip:happip 315 29 Spikor by ReillyBrown Spikor :iconreillybrown:ReillyBrown 152 26 Prime by KileyBeecher Prime :iconkileybeecher:KileyBeecher 105 17
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Info, Groups and Affiliates

A group for people who remember, lived, grew up or even just fans of things from the 1980's.

So if any of those applies to you fee free to join! and add some of your 1980s deviations to the gallery.

Add anything to our gallery (WELL ANYTHING FROM THE 1980s OR RELATED) from Photos - art work from TV Shows, Movies, Toys, Cartoons etc... Also includes Shows thats started in the 1970s continuing to the 1980s. Plus 1980s-1990s etc...

Thundercats, Star Wars (Classic Trilogy), Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, Star Trek (ONLY TNG and 1980s Movies please), Doctor Who (ONLY 1980s Classic Who please), Gremlins, Short Circuit, Cocoon, Black Hole, The Real Ghostbusters, The A-Team, Miami Vice, Jem, Voltron, Battle Of The Planets / G-Force, Cabbage Patch Kids, Raindow Brite, Transformers, GoBots, BraveStar, G.I - Joe, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, He Man, Super Ted, Bananaman, The Lost Boys, Goonies, Weird Science, Fraggle Rock, Air Wolf, Fraggle Rock, Automan, Manimal, V, Dallas, Street Hawk, Magnum P.I, Moonlighting, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Quantum Leap, Back To The Future and many more...

************* PLEASE READ *************

The limit the amount of Deviations to this group is 2 every 7 days to stop peoples inboxs getting full from this group. Also MAKE SURE YOU ADD YOU WORK TO THE RIGHT GALLERY FOLDER! I'm sorry but it take time to move them around myslef and put them in the right one. So from now on I will now not except any Deviations that are submitted to the correct folder. if your Deviations are not accepted due to this you can always re-add them to the correct folder and they will be add!

But if you wish to upload your 1980s art make sure you uploaded them to the right folder. (NO Literature please)

1980s CARTOONS AND KIDS SHOWS back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
Art work from 1980s Cartoons and Kids Shows. This includes the shows that started in the 1970 and run/finished there run in the 1980s. And 1980s shows that started in the 1980s and finished in the 1990s, or are still going. lol

1980s TV SHOW ART back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
Art work from 1980s TV Shows. This includes the shows that started in the 1970 and run/finished there run in the 1980s. And 1980s shows that started in the 1980s and finished in the 1990s, or are still going. lol

1980s MOVIES ART back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
Art from 1980s Movies. Horror, Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy etc...

1980s TOYS AND1980s RETRO MERCHANDISE back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
Toys from the 1980s or new toys based on 1980s movies and TV shows. Must resemble original 1980s toy or character.

1980s COMPUTER GAMES ART back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…

1980s ICONIC TV AND MOVIE VEHICLES back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
1980s Iconic TV and Movie Vehicles from Cars to Space Ships.

1980s MUSIC ICONS back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
1980s Rock and Pop Music Icons only please. for example only 80s Madonna etc...

1980s INSIRED CRAFTS AND CUSTOMS back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
1980s Inspired Crafts and Customs. From TV Shows, Movies, Music, Computer Games and anything 1980s related please.

ANYTHING ELSE 1980s back-to-the-1980s.deviantart.c…
Art of 1980s, Famous faces, 1980s character cosplay and anything else 1980s

Some other groups you might be interested in.

:iconhe-manfans: :iconghostbusters-fanclub: :iconthecatslair: :iconvoltronfans: :iconcare-a-lotpalace: :iconshortcircuitgroup: :iconmy-little-pony-club: :icontbhclub: :iconjemistrulyoutrageous: :iconcastleduckula: :iconrainbow-land: :iconsuperted-lovers: :iconcobrafanclub: :iconthe80s: :iconget-along-gang: :iconmcog::iconstarfleet-x-bomber: :iconsmurfplz: :iconlegend-fanclub: :iconfragglerock-club: :icondm-fan-club: :icongummibearsclub: :iconetherialands: :iconshe-ra-fan-club:

If you have an 1980s group and want me to add you to this list let me know.

Also my other Group :iconcubeecraft-collect:


:iconmental-unblocker: :iconbumpsinthenight: :iconmisfits-fan-club: :icongrouple:


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LiquidFrogStudios Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This group is dead, so, I shall share in the comments:

Luke Skywalker appeared in two Star Wars films during the 1980s

Request - Luke Skywalker by LiquidFrogStudios

The Third Doctor appeared in The Five Doctors during the 1980s

Doctor Who - The 3rd Doctor by LiquidFrogStudios
mathewbailey08 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2020
Looking for Beauty & the Beast(CBS TV) (1987-1990) & Mysterious Cities of Gold
DubyaScott Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2020   General Artist
Everything I submit expires. I'm assuming this group is dead.
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90s kids forever!
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(2000s kids forever!)
To hell with you unclean after born!
Take your heresy back to your forsaken decade which isn't worthy enough to polish the shoes of the 90s!
LiquidFrogStudios Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I was born in the '90s, and it was a great decade for pop culture. But the early '00s weren't so bad either...
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Is this group still active?
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Guess not
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Can we have a Discord Server?
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