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It'sa Me

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1) Recently, I became re-obsessed with 'Josie' and 'Josie and the Pussycats' comics. (I go through phases of being obsessed with something and then getting obsessed harder with something else, then getting re-obsessed with my old obsession...)

Soooooo.... FOLLOW MY 'JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS' TUMBLR FAN PAGE: josieandthepussycatsyeahyeah.t… Good times, especially when people submit their own stuff and Ask questions I can give long, geeky, answers to. :XD:

2) I (finally) passed the NY Bar Exam in Feb this year. I am getting sworn in pretty soon. :D Anyone want to hire a geeky attorney?? :lol:

3) I am still working on trying to improve my art. It's not turning out well considering I am currently working ridiculous hours, but it made me realize how much I missed doodling and making funny comics to amuse people. Even though I'm not the greatest artist in the world, it makes me want to draw knowing a lot of people find my stuff funny despite it looking like crap.

So thanks everyone! I will have new amusing stuff soon, I promise! :)

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Our class is freaking awesome. We have WAAAAY too much fun during class and between classes. We're the experimental 30 January kids at law school who have no breaks the first year...just...zipping through it so we can only be there 2 1/2 years... *Sob* But luckily everyone is awesome and we laugh so much during our classes (except Constitutional Law...we have the professor from HELL).

The quote is from our Civil Procedure professor who yelled that at us while we were cracking jokes and then almost laughed himself to tears. xD

...But then again, he's the one who screamed "THE GUY'S A PIIIMMMPPPPP!!!! HE PROBABLY HAS A PIMP CANE AND A PURPLE HAT, PEOPLE!!!" when no one wanted to say it about the plaintiff in the case. xD The door was wide open and a bunch of students not in our class sitting at the tables outside laughed for almost a minute straight with us. It was amazing.

I should make a Twitter account called 'things heard at law school' or something xD

Oh yeah, art. I've decided to calm my frazzled nerves (way too much HW and stress) once in awhile by trying to seriously improve my art. It's not gonna be easy, but I'll try. :XD:

ALSO... 'Sakura Wars: So Long My Love' is the most fun and laughs I've had with a game in a LOOOONNNNGGGG time. Rent it or buy it people!!! (I want them to release Sakura Wars 1 so I can get my Kohran fix :XD: ) Seriously, I laugh so hard outloud at some of the dialouge. See below for an amazingly hilarious scene in particular.



1.)… : "Niccolo...Niccolo...come here... ....You have always been my friend but are my breakfast."

2.)… : Red Dead Redemption....CAN'T WAIIITTTTTT...............

3.)… : Kitty abuse was never funny...until now :XD: :XD: :XD:


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3 min read
FFFFUUUU---! I got 'Sakura Wars: So Long my Love' for my birthday and I can't play it until my finals are over... It's staring at me...calling me... o.o

((Also everyone should buy this game so they'll release the first games and I can get my Kohran fix.))

The PS2 version that comes with the Japanese version of the game because from the videos I've seen, some of the English dub voices make your ears bleed a little bit... Plus the Japanese has a lot of LOL worthy Engrish :XD:

Also I'm a bit disheartened when I saw who was playing the African-American character in the game, Erin Fitzgerald (she's a good voice actress know...she's white and has a very girlish, higher-pitched voice). I watched a video of her doing the character, and it just doesn't fit for me. I was expecting better from the casting director, but it figures, LOL. (I should've learned my lesson after years and years of playing horribly dubbed JRPGS...) And yes, yes, I know she's originally voiced by a Japanese woman, but sheesh. This is America people.

Finally, my two hardest finals are tomorrow and Friday. *Gulp*

In other news:… Marvel v. Capcom 3.......................! Yus...

New (animated) Avatar the Last Airbender?!!?…

Also the Avatar: The Last Airbender art book is coming out soon. You can pre-order it on x3



1.)… : These Zappos commercials have me in stitches. :XD:

2.)… : Hoobastank does an amazing version of the 'Ghostbusters' theme.


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LSAT: 1, CP: 1

4 min read
Good-bye Toys R Us!!!!!! :XD: ...Hopefully XD;;;;

Finally, after 2 years I beat the crap out of the LSAT!! I got a 155, enough points to get me into a decent law school. Not the best law schools, of course, but who wants to spend all that money to go to those places when they teach the same thing? Oh yeah!!

The really weird thing about this score is:

Awhile before my LSAT, I was feeling depressed. This was my last chance: either get a better score on my next LSAT or slave away at Toys R Us while going to graduate school to become (yuck) a teacher. I can't handle kids so I was studying my ass off but still feeling crappy because all the tests I took in my LSAT class were hard and my scores were still low.

My grandma saw that I was basically on the verge of throwing myself off the Hudson Bridge and made her way up her stairs one Sunday dinner. She came back down with a tattered pouch and handed it to me. Grandma told me with a serious face that this was her "miracle pouch." When she was going through chemo therapy for her cancer, she put a cross that Pope John Paul II blessed in person and took it to the hospital with her. She felt none of the pain the doctors had promised her she would feel. Then she passed it on to other people who were scared of their own life-threatening surgeries and chemo therapies, and told them all to "bring it back to her," aka you have to live. They all believed strongly in this pouch and pulled through all their hardships. Each person added another charm, cross, or holy item into the pouch.

"But grandma, I'm not going into surgery, I'm just taking a test. It's not gonna work!" I protested, trying to keep my eyes from rolling as she stared into them.

She hit my hand with my Aunt who was sitting on my other side. "You have to believe in it!"

For days, I had it on my desk, staring at it. Just to let you know, I have the worst luck in the world. I pray for something, I get the opposite. When I'm happy as can be, something always brings me into a dark mood. If something bad is going to happen, it happens to me.

"Look...pouch..." I told the still, blue cloth like a boss who was about to fire her employee. "I'll believe in you, but just to make sure, I'll make a deal with you and God. If I give up my beloved junk food and other things I like for 44 days, you all give me a 155 on my LSAT. Deal?"


1.)… : Basically sums up the Health Care song and dance! Alexa Chung is in it too. :D

2.)… : This always made me happy while I was studying and on a verge of going insane from all those damn, complicated questions: Kitties!!!

3.)… : One Piece AMV I watch when I'm in a depressed mood. And the song I listen to as well after eating crap from my bosses.

4.)… : Cool Way of the Samurai AMV


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I'm starting my LSAT (law school admissions test) classes and hopefully those will boost my LSAT grade (I got a very average 144 and wasn't accepted into law school because there were so many applicants, they didn't look at anyone with a score under 158) and get me back into school. ^^; If not...well, I guess I can teach...or slave at Toys R Us........or take over the world so I don't have to work...

Since my full time job was cut to part time (yay economy..), I've been getting more video games to fill my time. Plus now I'm addicted to Xbox Live playing with my fellow Toys R Us peeps :XD: Rock Band 2 is awesome, and I can't wait for the 'The Beatles' one to come out in Sept. X3 I suck at the drums...and singing.... :XD: Poor Toys R Us peeps. :XD: I warned them that I suck :XD:

But the real game I want to talk about is 'Velvet Assassin'...mostly because I kinda dig it and mostly to rant about the dumb developers and how they portrayed their character who was based on a real life heroine...who was repeatedly raped and then executed by Nazis...and not lying in bed in a skanky nightgown for all video game fanboys to drool all over. -.-


'Velvet Assassin' (Xbox 360):

This game has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Some say it's the worst game ever made, while others say it's one of the best stealth-action games ever made. Me? I'm somewhere in the middle of those two opinions.

When you read the back cover, it seems proud and honored to be the game box of this game. It brags how 'Velvet Assassin' is inspired by the real life World War II secret agent from the SOE Agency, Violette Szabo. Now when I read that, my jaw hit the floor. I read about Violette Szabo in college and was awed how a mother like herself would risk her life, leaving her daughter behind, to go on suicide missions to thwart German plans. In the end, she and a few other agents were caught, tortured, raped, and ultimately executed by the Nazis. However, as soon as the intro starts, Violette narrates that she wants to go back to war and kill because she is an inhuman monster. WHAAAT?! Where's all the praise for her life on the back cover? The Nazis wander around, talking about how to kill people and basically going insane from "stress" (the stress of mindlessly and happily slaughtering millions of innocent civilians maybe? Ugh.). So who's the bad guy here? The Nazis or Violette? I guess it's just an anti-war video anti-war game that encourages you to toxify, electrocute, burn, and explode your enemies. Yyeeah.

I decided to ignore the mixed messages in the game and enjoy it. The lighting effects are BEAUTIFUL. When you creep by a light through the window, your shadow casts itself along the far wall...and alerts every Nazi nearby. ^^; Electricity sparks and flases of light emerge from it. Bars on windows also cast eery shadows on the ground. This is how a stealth game should look and feel. The shadows are your best friends, but they're also terrifying. They remind you that there's no escaping the bunker/cathedral/wherever you are until the job is done. The haunting music puts your nerves on edge as well.

And that, unfortunately, is the only thing that saves this game. Sure stealth is fun, you sneak up and can kill the enemies in any number of gruesome ways (pull the pin on the grenade on their belt, set them on fire, slice their throats, etc) but the enemy AI goes from incredibly dumb to suddenly them having ESP/amazing night vision/the ability to hear you coming a mile away when you're sneaking quietly. How?? This causes many, many, many, many game overs. And the worse part? Anything you collect (ugh, I'll get to that later), get, etc DISAPPEARS. It would lead to many TVs being broken  from frustration if it wasn't for the game's check points. Luckily if you can return to the last checkpoint instead of restarting the whole level. Despite this, it is satisfying when you finally realize that if you turn off the radio, the Nazi who killed you 110 times will stroll in and take ten minutes to turn it off so you can slit his throat. There are other ways to distract/lure enemies that are pretty fun too.

And how do you level up you ask? BY COLLECTING SHIT. Seriously, when you're creeping around hoping to God that Nazi in the corner doesn't see you, you don't feel like picking up a box of cigars to get more EXP. And if you don't find EVERY ONE in the levels, you don't level up. -.-+ So Viollette will continue to move like a turtle and her aim will continue to suck. So what? You can replay the levels, right? WRONG. There's no mission select. WHY? ;_;

But back to the whole "I'm like the REAL Violette, whee!" thing with our heroine, Violette Summer. When the game brags it's heroine is based off a real-life WWII heroine, it should not brag about it. Violette Szabo was horribly murdered and left a heart-broken orphan daughter behind. She was a brave person who risked it all because she wanted to avenge her husband who was killed by Nazis during a battle, plus to protect her daughter from the Germans as well. And how does 'Velvet Assassion' portray her? In a skanky NIGHTGOWN, with a HUGE ASS, and when she pushes crap, she MOAAAANNNNNNNSSSSSS sexilly. WOW. Even worse, while I was researching this game, it turns out the developers wanted Violete Szabo's DAUGHTER to play this game. Are you serious? Imagine some developer came up to you and was like "Hay, we're going to make a video game about your dead mother 'cept we're gonna make her run around in a night gown and make her moan and like, make her die a lot'. I'm so glad her daughter gently refused to see this game.

Now, I don't mind half-dressed running around in video games. I shrug it off as a marketing tool to drag in men to play an otherwise unplayable game. (I'm looking at you, Tomb Raider.) But when you proclaim your character is based off a real-life woman who was raped and killed horribly in a war, just have to treat her with more respect. I mean, they didn't HAVE to announce their character was loosely based on a real woman, they could've just created a character who was a SOE Agent like Violette.


But all-in-all, despite some infuriating things, I'm liking this game. Sure its flaws drive me insane, but its atmosphere is breathtaking. If the developers had taken more time/care in this game, it could've been one of the best games of the year...

7/10 so far.


1.)…: A long/awesome Velvet Assassin trailer featuring the song 'Young.' You can download this off of Xbox Live too.

2.)…: The best review of 'Velvet Assassin' by Zero Punctuation :XD:

3.)…: The best music video ever made.



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