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Liberation of Equestria


«Мы идём за великую Родину,
Нашим братьям по классу помочь.
Каждый шаг, нашей армией пройденный,
Прогоняет зловещую ночь…» (с) Песня красных полков

Этот рисунок понравился даже мне самому, как ни странно. Впервые я кое-как детализировал фон и наложил освещение. Ну и наконец-то рисую то, что действительно хочу. Мои любимые БТшечки и Ишачки :3. К сожалению, на понях я выдохся, так что их качество средненькое. Отдельное спасибо за оригинальный бэкграунд.

Special thanks to for original background.

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"Sir, we need to liberate Equestria, now!"
Him: "Why!? Why do we need to go to that gay pony land?"
"There's oil there, sir!"
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Hello! After watching the Season 5 finale, I think the Soviet help could be very useful in the Alternative Future in which King Sombra was never defeated and rebuilt the Crystal Empire.  I think this is the liberation of Equestria from King's Sombra clutches. 
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Наркоман штоле?
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I smell propaganda. -_-
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You probably just have a "McCarthyism syndrome"; don't panic, it's perfectly curable. :)
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You say this as if it was an illness.
I don't think it's the case, this time. The parallel is much too obvious to be a coincidence.

And, just for ''fun'', I Google-translated the first paragraph :

« "We're going for the great motherland,
Our class brothers help.
Every step of our army passed,
Banishes the sinister night ... "(c) The song of the Red regiments
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I think, you should listen to this song, it's quite epic :3
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Liberation from WHAT? From monarchy? If those things can fly and roll over Equesatria, that means that all the untrusted ones (especially unicorns and alicorns) are already elliminated, anguish screams near the bloody trenches front the chainguns are silent. I hope the part of Mane 6 are escaped to somewhere end of the world, Twily hide her from red butchers like admiral Kolchak.
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*whisper* The artist is 'Russian'... I think there might be an ''agenda'' hidden there, I fear.
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They have a perfectly fine utopian, if mon-quadarch, government already...
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From the german's hands to the russian's claws
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I believe both is bad.
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Let's just say that the germans didn't raped like the russians.
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Meh. Soviet Union just liberated its occupied territories. As you know, after Soviet-Polish war in 1921 Poland had occupied some parts of western Ukraine and Belarus, so, in 1939, USSR just took them back, and if you speak about USSR and nazi Germany, just remember about Civil War in Spain, when Allies hadn't helped Spanish Republic, Munich cahoot, when France, Britain dismembered Czechoslovakia(Germany and also Poland occupied its territories), remember about "Strange War" of GB and France, when Germany declared war to Poland and they just declared it too and do absolutely nothing, when they could just make Germany fight on 2 fronts. Do you remember it, ungrateful?
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So you're basically saying "Germany bad, Soviet Union good", right?
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Ah, i see, you're немцеёб.
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Nazi Germany is bad, Soviet Union is good. Well, everything has problems, nothing is ideal and USSR isn't an exception, but it was first in the world attempt to create socialist state, first in the world state of workers and peasants, and i can be proud of it.
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You are absolutely right. The Soviet Union was good, Nazi Germany was indeed bad. I recommend you to ignore and block this Brazilian troll. Poor misguided dude. If only he knew that his beloved Hitler wanted to exterminate us all Latinamericans (the dude is from Brazil, filled up with black and mulattos and mestizos, he should know better). 

The Soviet Union did NOT have the racial cleansing agenda that Nazi Germany had.

Also, about the fake claims of mass rapes orchestrated by Soviet Leadership, let us remember that EVRY single war in the history of mankind has had them. 

Also, I think that after having the Soviet Union almost destroyed, with 28  million souls lost, thousands of cities and towns razed to the ground and an apocalyptic destruction of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the Soviet Army could have easily let themselves be carried away by an avenging rage of wanton killing and destruction. Because, you know th JUDEO-CHRISTIAN law of "Eye by Eye, tooth by tooth".
The Soviets could have easily killed 28 million german civilians but they didnt, they were better than the nazis. They showed restraint and also, Russia rebuilt Poland and East Germany. 

 Hitler's view, the US had become a major power by 'ethnic cleansing' of the native inhabitants: he saw clearly that the US itself, which poses as a nation state, is in fact an Empire.

It's just that the anninhilation [sic] of the indigenous inhabitants was so complete that we don't see the US as an Empire. As Finkelstein has pointed out, Hitler's 'push for the East' was explicitly inspired by the American setttlers 'push for the West'. 

As Adam Tooze reveals in his superb Wages of Destruction, it's true that Hitler compared the Russians to Indians, but it's ALSO true that he compared them to AMERICAN Indians. As the Indians had been pushed off their lands and herded off to reservations, so the Russians (and Poles) would be herded off to super-concentration camps: i.e. neo-reservations, where, Hitler hoped, their numbers would be 'thinned' to the extent that Germans could easily rule them while using them as cheap labour (and this is where the comparison with British India comes in)
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The UDSSR was just another monarchy like all before, and Stalin the same despot as for example Ludwig the fourteenth, they never came close to even try socialism.
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Though it killed more people than Germany
Ismalith's avatar
Belongs how you count.
If you count the war deaths out, the UDSSR had been killing more, but also in a longer period of time.
Also I don´t think it matters if you kill more or less, if you are willing to kill for you goals, you are equal in being bad.
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What is that even supposed to mean? "More people"? What people, those who were sent to camps and those executed during Stalin's repression policies? I'm sure there're much more killed by Holocaust and german invasion of Russia. Or do you have any statistics, facts to proof yourself maybe? This is interesting, enlighten me. Cuz this couch judgment doesn't make any sense.
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Yea, 457 millions of violated german girls, i know.
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