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i've been meaning to say this for a while but i'm just not on my desktop very often and dA's app is garbage...

WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY POINT. i absolutely never get notifications from dA's app. i have it set up for it but it just...doesn't want to give me notifications lol and i'm not on the site itself here very often. and whenever i am i see that some poor person has sent me a note like two months ago and then i feel like an asshole

SO if you want to contact me for any reason, twitter or discord are the best ways to do it. since. i actually get notifications from those apps lmao

my twitter is @lilwolvyand my discord is wolvy #4161

so if you've sent me something here and i never replied, it's probably because i saw it months after the fact and felt v bad about it and assumed whatever you wanted, you weren't interested in anymore oops. if there's anything you still want a reply to though, send me a DM on either of the above!! <3

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The app doesn't give me notifications anymore either. It used to, once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, but it hasn't worked in a good year or two. I'm annoyed.
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the only reason im seeing this is bc i remembered to go on the browser 🙃 lmao it is so annoying tho! i feel awful every time i see a note that ive missed bc i dont get notifications