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P2U: puppy base/lines

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i want to try and do more fun things like this in the new year so hERE WE GO

you get a prepped .psd file when you download complete with locked and labelled layers for easy colouring :3

- do not resell as-is
- you may resell for any currency as adoptables, etc.
- don't delete my signature! don't claim as your own
- please don't buy and then just give all your friends access lmao (don't be a dick!)

anyway, hopefully you guys can get use from these. i think i'll end up making my own adoptables on them too bc i always want to do designs ahh
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So I purchased this adorable base but for some reason it won’t let me download the file... it is just letting me download the actual colorful picture. I tried doing what I normally do to download it, but it doesn’t want to work... 
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hey Wolverine!
I really want to buy this but the only thing is I can only use it if it's transparant ;/
anyway you can help?
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it is transparent, it's a. psd file with transparent layers
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ok tysm! Also can you add hair to it??
Also I just purchased it and I don't have sai O-o so I can't use it
any chance you could post the transparant p2u image on a stash and give me the link??
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i dont have time to add hair, sorry. i did say it was a. psd file and it's smooth, not pixel, so surely you have a program that reads. psd files. do you have gimp? what program do you plan on using? it doesn't have to be sai. but i can note you a transparent download of the lines alone later when im less busy if you still need
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no I meant oculd I add hair?
And yeah ik it was a psd and ik it's smooth!
The program I use only reads transparant files ;p
so if you could not me the transparant image i'd be glad!
Otherwise may I please have my points back?
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purchased ;____; can't resist the cuteness!!
i will also be using these on my adoptable account submarine, just to let you know vwv 
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omg so buying xD too cute!
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hahah thank you ;u;
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That faaaaaace! So cute!
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These are really cute aaw<3 
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