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    1. Health

    He didn't admit to the pain that endangered his tiny and sickly scarred body. His habit to ingest everything he finds entranced to in taste caused the worst problem. He didn't try to stop, ever, he kept on gnawing and chewing the toxic amount of sugar and fat. He didn't care about the cavities troubling his strong, sharp teeth.

    He ate so much and slept so little. His hygiene was fine, brushing his teeth even when the ached horribly. Showers were quick scrubs of shampoo and soup, that was that. The water he promised himself would be blazing hot, just because he deserved every drop of agony.

    "Another bag?" He noticed the voice of his partner above him. He didn't notice he was there. His ears didn't pick up the loud footsteps from the staircase, his senses didn't feel warm eyes set on him as lifting the garbage can lid, he didn't feel the same phenomenal love in his chest at the presence of his boy. His vision was all gauzy and blurred, but he finally saw the handsome, familiar face once he blinked various times. "......Yeah?" He finally grunts out a question and not the want of a statement. He felt his throat get dryer as he opened his jaws, aching for the need to never speak again. He titled his head down from Andy's concerned eyes. He knew what Andy was thinking.

    Even if Andy got clues of Chucky's current state of health, what was it to Andy? Chucky wasn't doing anything to him. He wasn't hurting him by eating so much and keeping himself isolated from the world. He was happy here with Andy, and Andy is happy too....... right?

    Chucky promised Andy he would eat his own food he bought with his own money. The money he made from simple jobs, great jobs for someone of his size, but still insulting none the less. He was strong, he was a six-foot wrestler, but in a tiny one's body, an elegant but in the build of a meerkat, a tiger, but the size of a house kitten, he had the right to be taken seriously. He still worked hard and did what he was told when he was working. Now he had enough money for snacks and beers for daily gaming. He was happy. His heart torn at the word.

    But here Andy was, he knew. He most definitely knew. He knew about Chucky eating so much and being restless. He catches Chucky drinking energy drinks while staring at the new video games on screen made for the PS4 in their living room, beating his best score, defeating others from the virtual world. No light shone into the room, all curtains draped, and sometimes blew with harsh winds that knocked over empty cups and bags. Andy misses the sun shining on Chucky's ginger locks, he used to shine so brightly.

    Chucky climbed to the shelf. He felt himself sigh in disbelief when he couldn't find his Dorito bag laying with the rest of Andy's food. He was disappointed, annoyed, but angry at the fact that he was so about a bag of food. But, he was for sure he just bought a bag yesterday out of being forced to leave the house with Andy. Andy threatened him, but that proved to just make Chucky more inapplicable and rowdy, so he bribed him of something Andy would buy when they were shopping. He bribed him not of food, but a new video game he could rent for a bit. Chucky hasn't played it yet, but he plans to once he finds the Dorito bag.

    Chucky dug through the other bags from the shelf, almost ripping one. He found nothing. He sighed and closed the creaking shelf door. He was gonna jump off the counter from annoyance, but right behind him was his lover Andy, they were finally really close. Chucky jumped. "What-"

    Andy lifted a dark blue bag to his and Chucky's face, the Dorito bag he bought. His face lit up and he reaches for it. Andy snaps it back before Chucky could get a good grip. Chucky's grinning face settled to a snarl, but Andy set it down on the counter behind him, Chucky not seeing it. The doll looked at Andy, eyes raged, he knew what was going on. He knew Andy was gonna comment on all of this.

    Andy leaned back into the counter, back pushed against the bag of chips. He was silent, and so was Chucky. Chucky didn't hop down, Andy's bare feet were just where he would usually jump down safely. Instead, Chucky sat down, legs swinging off the counter. He wasn't defeated, Andy knew this. Andy wasn't gonna keep trying on defeating his ill lover though, it will happen naturally. It was like a living organism outside in a bright and lovely day. It has its resources, it doesn't need one's help. So, Chucky was eventually gonna admit his troubles, whether or not with Andy's guidance.

    Chucky didn't look at Andy. Andy was looking stagnant into Chucky's face. He wasn't furious, he wasn't trying to annoy the doll once again, and he wasn't going to yell. He was gonna do his job as Chucky's lover and bring him back to the right health from before. Andy knew what to say. He didn't take the bag last night just for a good laugh. Chucky is slowly killing himself, and he isn't, accept that.

    "Chucky," Andy moved, his hands slowly moving to Chucky's cheeks. His head was so heavy. A blind elder could tell from the weight that doll was too overweight. Chucky felt Andy's eyes wander down his body. Chucky was wearing Andy's shirt. It was tight on Andy, but it bagged down Chucky's small body like a dress. He was wearing his briefs but they weren't visible at the moment, saving Chucky embarrassment from this already heavy moment. It was a comfortable choice of clothes in a strange way. He always had a safe feeling when given a chance to wear something of Andy's.

    "What....? What's wrong?" Chucky had a mood change after the thought. His tone was bitter, but the words were of sweet nectar and syrup. Andy wasn't surprised at this. It wasn't clear for why, but he just didn't care like he would at other times, unlike this one. Chucky was dying.

    "You are what is wrong," Andy had a feeling of blame if there were any consequences afterward, but that usually didn't strike him during these times. Chucky needed Andy. "I know that there is something wrong with you. You've hidden from the world for way too long Chucky. You've hidden from me and I really need to know why. Why are you hiding? And what are you hiding?" Andy felt his voice go low as he whined. He wasn't gonna cry but he did feel the familiar trickle on the side of his eyes.

    Chucky noticed the change of pitch. He could notice things better once more. He noticed the noises, the presence, and the signs. He is such a douchebag. He has been hiding. He thought it was the best choice, but it was just making matters worse. He was hurting his boy, again. He swore to himself that he wouldn't do anything cruel to the man ever again in his life.


    "I'm not hiding." He cursed himself within to toy with his psyche. Liar.

    "Y-You're being overdramatic." Liar.

    "I'm fine...." Liar! Just a goddamn liar! That's all he was for a long while now. He's been that way with everyone he loved. Why? He didn't know himself.

    Andy sighed and looked up at the ceiling. He wasn't hurt himself, but he knew he wasn't in the best of health either. But he knew when it was time to take a break. He knew the boundaries, he knew when it was time for Chucky to stop too. Chucky didn't. That was the problem. Chucky doesn't know much about how bad it can be. He killed people, he never thought about the other pain that it would bring. Such emotional pain. He was unaware at times. This was one of those times.

    Andy looked back down at Chucky, who was fiddling with his teeth. Andy didn't want more concerns, so he didn't ask what Chucky was picking at.

    "C'mon," Andy held his steady hands out for Chucky, "Let me do at least one thing." Chucky looked at Andy, a new light flashing through his blue eyes. He wanted to resist. He wanted to run upstairs into their bedroom and never come out. Andy would be living downstairs. Chucky made a list of ways to avoid everything suddenly in his head. He was gonna choose one, but the firm and benign hands lifted him up from his sides and into his arms. Chucky didn't fuss. He blessed quietly.

    He's in so much pain.

    2. Pure

    He was anything but that obviously. He would bite and scratch at the gentle soul of a man who bothered to care for him. He kept him as if he was really something pure.

    He was an omnipotent being. He talked with a voice of a proud champion. From his ego, that Andy knew was pretty high, would drop at their worst. He didn’t want to think of those moments of course. This moment right here was pure.

    The oh-so-scary Chucky had been caught in a messy hustle. He was gonna mess with Andy with goo they were gonna give Glenda, but instead, Chucky got a little needy of it. They bought five packs of the goo. It was “Gak” and Chucky barely knew of it. Andy found it annoying but did find the guilty pleasure out of squeezing the odd substance in his hands. Chucky was rolling it, throwing it, tearing at it to make more than just one blob of Gak. It was pure.

    Chucky got some of it stuck in his bruised eye. He screamed for his love to come save him. Okay, it wasn’t like that, but he did scream for Andy. Andy picked at Chucky scars to clean out whatever was left, then sprayed Chucky with water teasingly from the sink. Chucky didn’t get mad, instead, he thought it was a sign of combat. He took the Gak and threw it at the crazy waterboy before him. They laughed so hard as they made the mess. This moment was definitely pure.

    They didn’t mind cleaning up later on. They kept it there for several hours to go do other pure stuff. But once time had flown and they started to be rather bugged of the mess, they started cleaning. Andy would nudge Chucky as they were on the floor, and Chucky did the same back. Something went down from the counter and Chucky chomped from the impact. It was a pan that hit his head, and he bit Andy in surprise. It didn’t hurt, but only because he had felt how deep Chucky can bite. Andy smiled as Chucky shook his head like an animal. He was pure.

    They were tired from the day. Andy kicked Chucky lightly as they walked to their room. Chucky whined, but not from the teasing, from the sudden stop of touching when Andy went to his side of the bed. Andy promised in his head once Chucky got up and into the blankets, he would start teasing and touching him again. That happened, but it got a little bit more than what they planned. Giggles had turned into happy moans and sudden whispers of want and need. Andy smirked into Chucky’s neck as he moved his hand from his doll’s hip to the lamp, turning it off. He lifted the covers over the both of them. Tonight was pure.

    3. Tired

    His eyes weren’t a familiar blue that Andy knows just so well. They shined a bright bloodshot, tears probably all drained. Chucky didn’t look at all himself. His clothes were hanging down from his shoulder, it seemed like they were gonna fall down a reveal so much. His hair a mess, his teeth looked sharper if not so much larger. His hair had a weird way of standing up all spiky. It wasn’t of Andy’s concern right now.

    Chucky smiled wide. He looked so insane, so not of any real partner Andy would know, or want to know. His heart dropped.

    Chucky smiled for seconds longer.

    They stood there looking at each other, silent. Andy was beyond terrified. He couldn’t run, and he didn’t want to. This was his doll. His doll has gone this way, but why? Who has hurt him? What happened while he was gone?


    “I HAVEN’T SLEPT THE ENTIRE FUCKING WEEK WHEN YOU WERE GONE!!” Chucky screamed once he got a great grip on Andy’s collarbone.

    Andy almost screamed, his heart racing fast. It was all cool air and sweets once Chucky snuggled into Andy’s chest, giving himself the desired sleep he’s been wanting for so long.

    4. Warm

    He was so incredible. He was everything to him, a bright light to his heart, a lover of his own, and no one else. He admired him and his body. He wasn’t gonna admit this, but that doesn’t mean he’s gonna try to stop the thoughts from overrunning his brain.

    Such glowing eyes, wondrous body structure, arms of a saint. It was ironic since he spent a long part of his life avoiding those of saints. But, what else could he describe him as? God himself?

    Chucky felt himself slip. His arm seemed to have lost its power to hold up Chucky’s head. It was because Chucky just became very weak and volatile. He was drawing, and he sighed with ease when he saw that it wasn’t ruined. It was a Mona Lisa to Chucky. He just got started on a contour, wanting it to seem a little less sketchy. He wanted a perfect picture, just like the man who he was drawing.

    The man wasn’t home thank god. Chucky didn’t want a wide-spread of deep red to cross his entire stout face if his boy was to find him painting him. But no, he was confident that he was safe from the embarrassment for now. He wasn’t confident in the future attempts to draw his Andy though. It was karma.

    Chucky was floating off when he got out the paints. He looked deeply into the light sketch. As an artist, he isn't very satisfied with his style. But he has drawn Andy before and has gotten so used to every bit of him. He knew every part so well. Not for drawing really, but also with real physical contact. Andy does have large hands, and it was so pleasurable when they had their time to play. Chucky’s were miniature, but they were just as great of competitors.

    Chucky snapped back when lights shone through the kitchen windows. He gathered all of his tools and ran to his studio in the one room, sneaking the sketch behind other works. Chucky just sat in a chair next to an easel in his studio until Andy came to him.

    He heard the familiar footsteps of the man. He never saw the warm eyes inspect the room to see Chucky. He heard the footsteps wander upstairs, Andy boy is probably tired.

    Chucky got up from the chair and walked out of the room, his own footsteps, though not as heavy was still loud. Andy should know that his love doll was coming for him to bed. The stairs weren’t a lot of work, but they did exhaust him several times. Now, he was awake and rather wild. It was always night-time that did that to him.

    He brought himself to the door of their room. He peeked through and there his boy was, resting on the bed. He wasn’t under the blankets, and he slept on his side, back facing Chucky. The doll walked to his side and got on the bed. Chucky noticed Andy wasn’t asleep once they were face to face. Andy was attempting to fall asleep, then his warm eyes peered up at him. He looked tired.

    Chucky laid his head down on his pillow, looking into Andy’s eyes. “You’re home early,” He smirked, “Miss me much?” Chucky scoots closer, placing his fingers from his right hand along the lines of Andy’s warm neck. Andy shivered. Yeah, Chucky expected that reaction. He was very cold. It didn’t mix well with a warm soul.

    Andy pulled the blankets over him and Chucky. It was the room that made gave him a chill. He held Chucky’s small hand, nibbling into the scar. God, it was such a warm breath. Chucky gasped out his own chilling breath from the action. Andy, a biter? He wouldn’t be as good as Chucky the doll assumed. But if he was honest, he wouldn’t mind a little competition some other night. Chucky smirked.

    “Did you hear me?” The warm voice said close to Chucky’s face. Chucky looked at him. They were silent. Andy rolled his eyes. “I asked you, what did you do tonight?” Though he could be more hard on words, they were instead dreamy and warm, not annoyed from Chucky’s distractions. It was Chucky Andy figured, he knew there would be times he couldn’t or wouldn’t listen, even by accident.

    Chucky knew a lie, but it wasn’t needed from him. He could say something true and not give away his embarrassing masterpiece. “I drew.” Chucky sunk deeper into the pillow, eyes still set on Andy’s.

    “What did you draw?” Andy closed his eyes. It seemed like there was no need for an answer, but Chucky went on. “Oh, just sketches of more worthless shit. Practicing some flowers, animals, whatever the fuck counts as something for a lot of people to brag about.” He joked and received a low and pretty chuckle for his love. Chucky wrapped the blanket around his head, no ginger hair visible to Andy’s sight, not that he was gonna open his eyes to look anyways. Andy hummed. His melody of his tired, covered voice was so warm.

    Chucky closed his cold blue eyes and felt emit of Andy’s warmth collide with Chucky’s freezing pale skin. Chucky was dead, not warm nor beautiful as the man he is lying down next to. He was hideous compared to him, and Chucky didn’t mind a bit.

    He was so close to a night-time of sleep when he felt heated arms wrapped around his tiny body. Chucky opened one eye, Andy was doing the same.

    “You’re so cold babydoll.” Andy brought Chucky close, trying to offer much warmth as possible for his doll. Chucky felt thankful. He didn’t want to give Andy his own freezing touch of the scarred freckled skin, but he didn’t want to resist his warmth either.

    He just fell asleep, and so did Andy. Both were so warm for such a cold atmosphere. Only can both trend of warmth, but it was something one can only share sadly.

    5. Lake

    Chucky didn’t want to fit in with any pet traits. Whether he was an outside doll or inside doll, he did find trips like this being satisfactory. It was cold, yes, but the late fires with gratifying snacks and snuck-in beers were the best of the week.

    They rented a trailer. If the week didn’t go as nice then the trailer would be taken in early and they would go home. But, it had been altered. Andy was calm, Chucky was calm as well.

    Though what about the water? The amount of time they’ve spent around it was the nadir of the trip. They couldn’t spend at least an hour there. Andy was aquaphobic. He did a great job at keeping it secret before the fifth day. Chucky just figured the water wasn’t his cup of tea.

    They had a boat. They both had some part of it they valued. Like the nice wind that would blow in Chucky’s face when the boat sailed at expeditious speed. Andy’s only solace was that the driver side of the boat had the whole safety compartment.  Once they stopped the boat to relax on the water, Chucky would plunge in. The efforts he tried to get Andy into the water were fruitless. He figured Andy didn’t want to feel the cold. They would stay there until Chucky had enough fun or when Andy couldn’t take it anymore.

    When Chucky figured it out, he did laugh. It was teasing yes but it wasn’t something to pester Andy. Andy did the same when Chucky stated he was horrified of heights. It embarrassed Chucky because that's how he was. Andy took it, and yeah he would smile and laugh about it, but once it got on his nerves he told Chucky to seriously stop. The doll did so.

    Everything turned out the same that night after Andy told Chucky. It was the day before they had to pack up and leave. There were no boat trips even when they had the extra time to swim on shore. They left early and got something to eat at the nearest small town diner.

    Since everything went more evenly than they planned, they would go visit somewhere else next time Andy had a vacation week. Chucky wasn’t fine with this when he started to feel horrible nausea in the car. He might have swallowed some lake water.

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