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some droid icons & PSD.
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The link's dead. Please provide an alternate. Cheers!
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I love this design !
I am currently working on my own metro ui icon suite (all possible windows, application, web and file formats icons), but after some times (and more than 150 icons created) I start to think that the Metro design is not really great, my main problem is the reduction of colors when resizing my shapes, a 16, 24 or 32 px icon with 2 different colors as base will look like a real mess… but with more colors the render is a little better…

Well all of this to say that I search a cool design, really like your Simplum set, I am interested in the MMII FLAT Icons by stalker018 too, but when testing icons size on windows with MMII i have seem many problems too (the shadow take a little too much space)…

Thanks for the PSD too, I started by creating the background from scratch before seeing(and remember) that the psd is included ^^"

oh, the Youtube icon feel not relly like youtube, a little more red can be better no? I will make my own then : )

If I upload my custom simplum set on DeviantArt there is no problem? In this case what is the license exactly? and your "credits" informations (send me a private message if needed)?
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mate I am glad you liked these, about the youtube icon well I guess it was my image of it back then, about a personalized icon set u might wanna upload its totally cool im a lot into Icon MOD so yeah, i support you! If you can, link these icon set link, that will be good for me as "credits" :D GL! 
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Yeah it's logic, I would never upload a work inspired by another without the needed credits and links… any works are pratically always hard works too ; )

I tested some things too, and mixed some of my icon test with simplum, will take some time anyway, and I notify you when I upload.
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how you install this?
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tanks very amazing!!! Have a nice Christmas!!!
they are so beautiful... well well done!
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Amazing! I'd love to use a full set of these. :D
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Try making a whole icon pack with these and prepare an .apk for the Google Play Store like Goolors Icons etc.
These are way sexy man, i can see it as a big hit in the market already ;)
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nd ya, m always ready for any help :D
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hell awesome!
Different, Simple, Elegant yet Awesome enough :D
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those are great, i'd like to see more of them!
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oooooooo sexy sick icons dude! love them,great stuff
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hope you add more to this dude
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thanks, one day i will make a bigger pack, let me get some inspiration :)
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<font><font>MUM OS ICONES,PARABENS.</font></font>
Too bad they're droid icons... Make a winterboard theme :D!
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i cant work with that :s
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