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Self Portrait

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i wanted to do a simple self portrait with very little adjustments.

this is me.
also in b/w, sepia, and blue tone if anyones interested.

please full view this photo to get the whole effect.*****
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would love to use your pix to mess with in photoshop. i need a eye photo for a idea i got . but need a good eye pic.....
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...the whole effect is that you're WONDERFUL :heart:
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very pretty :]
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You are quite good looking. Lucky...
I guess the sad truth is that that's part of what makes a good portrait. Don't get me wrong: the photography itself is also really good.
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Nice. Love the expression on your face.
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very nice work :) good hob girl!
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I love your hair, plus your eye is hypnotizing
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:O.... you're really pretty.
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hah, your actually perfect. so beautiful .. i love it :)
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Cool, your lip is pierced in the same place as mine ^^

but, er, anyway, gorgeous picture! the position of the lighting really adds a neat effect and draws more attention to your eyes (which, by the way, are very pretty) and the angle is perfect. You're a really talented photographer! =D
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you're well stunning :]
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I like the softer focus on your face. I can't be sure if that was intentional, as you're the only one who knows that. Still... it's good.

I know I've said this before, but... you photograph very well!!! :hug:
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You're very cute! ^.^ Your eyes are powerful, and caught my attention right away. <3

Bwah, everyone stole what I wanted to say. Oh well.
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The shadow hits your eyes in a very interesting way. It draws you into the photo.
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aw girl, you are so gorgeous !!!!
i love this photo.
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This is a nice composition (of a lovely subject), but a couple critiques:
The focus is sharp on your hoodie zipper, but blurry on your face.
There's also some camera jitter; tripod, wall, brighter lighting, or faster shutter speed would help. ^_^

I like the piercings too, they compliment you.
If only I could decide what piercing to do next...
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very pretty
the tan, blue and brown all look great together
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