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Kittycorn- Okenite [CLOSED]

The snowball fluff is here.
Stone Characteristics: Serenity - Honesty - Support

There's no better friend out there than Okenite Kittycorn. Okenite wants to see their friends succeed no matter what, willing to stand by and support them through every step of the journey. While they keep a meticulous appearance and are careful to keep their white clothing from getting dirty, when their friends are in need Okenite is more than willing to get her hands dirty. 

Okenite is a colorless silicate mineral which is usually associated with Zeolites. It’s normally found as small white snowball formations in basalt geodes. These snowball formations are clusters of radiating, straight, and fibrous crystals that are both fragile and bendable.


Writer: cjr09
Price: $185/18,500pts 
Owner: Yamio 

*Payment plans are available for designs over $80, see "Adoptable Terms of Service" link at the bottom!

**You are free to edit her species characteristics e.g. make her into a regular kemonomimi or unicorn-mimi etc. You can change her horn to a regular horn, but you cannot change it to another stone/gem/metal!

The collection-->  Kittycorn Gems and Metal Collection by BabyPippo

Please do not heavily reference, copy or use my designs without permission, thank you!

Adoptable Terms of Service

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This is amazing! I love the gorgeous detail!
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ahh thank you////
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ahh thank you for your interest <333
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thank you <333
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I do not see a "bid here" comment but huff--- AB!
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oh gosh Yamio thank you so much ; o ; <333
its actually 'set price' (i don't usually state it;;; ) 

Please note me your paypal email thank you T///T
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Amazing!!!! She has so beautiful design!!! I like the colors and all this fluff!!! It's super cute!!!*^*
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thank you omg ; v ; <33
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so pretty ;v; ahhhh
I really like every one of your kittycorn designs soo much ;A;
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thank you so much ; o ; <333
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AAAAH gosh she came out so stunning *___* !!! def one of my favs.
her outfit and everything is so good i'm in love ;v; 
whoever buys her will be lucky af, good luck selling her!! ♡ 
BabyPippo's avatar
thank you so much, glad you liked how she turned out<333
lilanero's avatar
ahhh she's so beautiful ; A ; ) ♥♥
i love her outfit and all fluff ♥ so pretty > ////> ) ♥
good luck with selling her !! ; v ; ahh i wish i could buy her i'm in love with your latest designs > V < ) ♥♥
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thank you <33 Q v Q !!
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This is so beautiful that I'm going to cry with such beauty [Monsta X] oH SHI--- 
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thank you so much nana ; o ; <33
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She's so beautiful!!!
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ohhh she is amazing!!!
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thank you so much ; v ; <33
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