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Little Sister Luster Dawn


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fans headcanoning luster dawn is sunburst and starlights daughter? boring  unoriginal
luster dawn being their much younger half sibling because their old parents married each other and had a kid together
and luster dawn who is just trying to show her older siblings she loves funny cat memes, totally oblivious to the years of cringing starlight and sunburst have been doing watching their parents make kissy face at each other?
funny as hell

i made this status post then immediately lost my mind and said i HAD to draw it, somEone had to…
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I also headcanon Sunburst to be gay, so i love your headcanon more!

babypaste's avatar

hes just a trans gay man! i beleive in trans gay man sunburst!

look at that horse and tell me that isnt a lil fruit

venuscampbell's avatar

You can’t look gay, but he doesn’t look straight either if you know what I mean

babypaste's avatar

no u can look can, and its when i look into the mirror everytime to see my cringe gay trans ass

its how i can look at that horse and KNOW

kindred soul 💚

also he's my favorite pog champ so i bestow the greatest headcanon, my identity <3

venuscampbell's avatar

Yeah, same. I look really gay, that’s what I want to achieve

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why am I seeing this just now?????? this headcanon is a 100000x better than the other one's I've seen and it makes so much sense,,

babypaste's avatar

its liTErally so good and so funny its like the ONLY answer to the "who is lusters parents"

besides, probably no one we know, this is the funniest answer to the question

like can you imAGIne

SadTVPrince's avatar

I agree, Luster being Sun and Star's kid just dosen't vibe with me :/

Although, the thought of Luster being Stellar and Fire's kid is 100% hilarious!!

babypaste's avatar

Its so choice like

What is storytelling if not a big goof

But yeah no luster dawn younger half sib is so good i love it so much

SadTVPrince's avatar

I believe in half young sib Luster supremacy

Speaking of storytelling, your next-gen story is so far kick ass! Can't get enough of it!!

Colbiewolf92's avatar

This is hysterical lol

cottageram's avatar

luster dawn as the half sibling is based and catpilled

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Luster doesn’t text reply, she cat meme replies. Cringe.
babypaste's avatar

She is cringe but she is free 💚

Enigmadoodles's avatar

I made Luster Dawn Starlight & Sunburst's kid in a oneshot that wasn't even focused on their relationship, but I'll be honest this is probably my favorite possible headcanon for Luster. It's so awkwardly adorable.

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...mind the horn!

SportyBubbles's avatar

i love this idea!! it makes more sense than luster being starlight and sunburst's daughter, and is a LOT funnier lmao

peikonhannantupsu's avatar

LOVE THIS! I was never a big fan of Luster being any of the know characters' foal but this is the only exception <33

Frillyy's avatar

i just adore how uncomfortable/awkward star light and sun burst are!

plus with what we know about them in the show and their relationship with each other makes this soooo much funnier

Orin331's avatar

Hahaha this is one of my favourite crack theories

MoccaBliss's avatar

Love this idea!

Dragoncoton's avatar

So Starlight and Sunburst are half brother and sister now then?

Lilac-lavender's avatar

They're step-sibling

Dragoncoton's avatar

Ok so I was right, it's must have been weird for them to learn that they were gonna be step-siblings at some point

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