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Freedom for Gaza

Freedom for Gaza
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Free Palestine

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LOL Only problem is there is NO such place called "palestine", and there was never any such a country. While in all records, Israel is the name of this land by it's INDIGENOUS People: the Jews and Samaritans. AKA THE HEBREWS/ISRAELITES. Seven Blessings - Hanukkah 
The arab-muslim conquest is OVER and was DOOMED TO FAIL.
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Destroy Hamas.
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i found the homeland for the people of paleswine!…
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God is with Israel.  
Hi babylonien,
Me too, I'm asking for permission to use the image with the boy and the flag to put it on a BDS banner. If you agree, can you send me a high resolution file to use it for?
Where can I send you my email?
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no such country as "palestine" there never has been and their never will be the world already has enough failed arab states full of jihadists and tyrants. 
hi there! We would love to use this as part of a poster for a charity gig 'gig for gaza' in Scotland. We would acknowledge you on our poster and website. Ok for us to use? cheers!
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change avatars for gaza.
beautiful, Masha'Allah!
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Nice Art....
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..a very clear and genuine message... I like a lot, congratulations!
hey, i would like to make it a t-shirt, for palestine online store! can i please have your permission? would be glad to send you a couple!
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hey, sorry i wanted to send this as a private message but didnt know how to. lol but i was wondering if you could give me permission to use this image on an information board at my university (U of Waterloo) for Israeli Apartheid Week. I am a member of Students for Palestinian Rights and i think this image would really help spread our message. I would, of course, give you credit for the image- attach you D.A. address. let me know, if not thats okay too. thank for your time!!
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good work

i would like to invite you to join our group

Please mate let me know can I print this and use it for posters? Do you have a high resolution image you can email me or would you let me redo a vector on top of it? Please let me know really soon :D

Jazak Allah Khair
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simple and gorgeous. the message is brilliant.
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great job
I'll use this at my web site if you don't mind ( [link] )
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Your work is featured in here [link] :rose:
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( '_' )V freedom

thank u...
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