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La Justice


Heromachine charater created for Character Design Contest ♯49 - Tarot Cards

Real name Anat Asherah

Jean-Claude Flornoy (from Paris, France, 1950 - Sainte-Suzanne, France, 24 May 2011) was a French specialist of the ‘Tarot of Marseille’, a writer and card maker working on bringing back to life historical Tarot decks. One set of his cards was imbrued with magic by ‘Morgana Felis’ a very powerful witch.

Anat found the card while searching in a Parisian bookshop called “Grosdidier” and she was then magically transformed into ‘La Justice’.

She uses the sword of justice and scales of truth to protect innocents from evil. To return back to normal she flips over the card.

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