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Heromachine charater created for Character Design Contest 49 - Tarot CardsJean-Claude Flornoy (from Paris, France, 1950 - Sainte-Suzanne, France, 24 May 2011) was a French specialist of the ‘Tarot of Marseille’, a writer and card maker working on bringing back to life historical Tarot decks. One set of his cards was imbrued with magic by ‘Morgana Felis’ a very powerful witch.

Real name - Luciana (nick named 'Lucas') Veccino

Lucas found the ‘Devil’ card while attending an art show called “Cruel Life” in a Parisan theatre called “Xara Gallery” and Lucas was magically transformed into ‘Le Diable’.

He became a demon with a hell-fire torch and two jinn (dream demons)  helpers. A boy and a girl who carry heavy metal chains, with which to whip victims.

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