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Mentally Ill stamp

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Published: January 14, 2016
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stamp rq for pinatacentral !

edit: alright since some people are too dumb to understand that people deal with shit differently than they do, time 2 pitch in.

So firstly, the #1 trendy cool thing to comment on my stamp is "stop glorifying mental illness and making it seem sparkly and cool!!".
Which roughly translates to "I'm fuckin stupid." Mentally ill people do not glorify themselves by existing, why the fuck should we be ashamed of ourselves?? Literally nobody thinks mental illnesses are "sparkly and cool" my dude it's a stamp, for people who WANT to use it.

Some of you dikbags also seem to forget that people cope and deal with shit in different ways. If you wanna be edgelord 2k16 that's fine by me, take your ass somewhere else. But some people deal with it differently. People are all different. I am not you and you are not me.

"Lol if ur using this ur probably a self diagnosed tumblrina" I support self diagnosis by all means, but honestly me saying "listen buddy ol pal I've been professionally diagnosed with all my disorders" isn't going to stop you from repeating that exact same sentence. You should know, if you're actually prof diagnosed like you claim to be, they don't give you a certificate of mental illness or whatever bullshit so you can prove to some asshole on that you're legit. So either way, doesn't really matter if we're self or prof diagnosed because if mentally ill people like to use some cute stamp with their illness on you'll just invalidate them anyways.

The point is, if I or anyone else wants to use a cute sparkly stamp with their disorder on it, we can?? By all means, throw a temper tantrum cuz you don't like it, but this stamp isn't gonna magically disappear because you disapprove.

and lastly, I'll leave this from gaystamps who worded it so wonderfully.
"You have the be mentally ill this way because I said so if you aren't you really aren't mentally ill".
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littlesunshinelilyHobbyist General Artist
it's weird how this stamp has so many comments about how having a ~sparkly stamp~ designating that you have an undefined mental illness is "romanticising" mental illness but the autism stamp which specifies an exact type of neurodivergency is not plagued with these sorts of comments

it's almost like people demonise general mental illness and infantilise autistic people

(this isn't directed at you ofc)
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DameinatrixHobbyist Writer
"How DARE you simply state you're mentally ill" is all I'm seeing in these comments.

Nobody said anything about pride.

Nobody said anything about using it as an excuse to be an asshole.

Nobody said anything about diagnoses. 

Nobody said anything about feeling special for it.

Literally all this stamp is... is stating you're mentally ill... 

And there's a good use for that. It's an explanation for the themes of your art, the things you talk about, the behaviour you may have, and prepares people before getting to know you whether you might have some issues, because sometimes it's tough to have a mentally ill friend or partner, and some people might avoid that for their own mental health.
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xXEmpressAriesXxHobbyist General Artist
Yea, I just like to have stamps to represent who I am.

I am NOT proud of my flaws.
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JagurzHobbyist General Artist
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KissasheepHobbyist Digital Artist
anyone who uses "xe/xim" pronouns, call themselves "nonbinary" or "non dysphoric trans"
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i use xe/xem pronouns and i'm a dysphoric enby-
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MAX1M1L1ANHobbyist General Artist
I don't want to provoke but "nonbinary" falls under the umbrella diagnosis f64.8, therefore it's not a mental disorder but a gender identity disorder, therefore it is a false inclusion to your list as it's easily concluded to refer to this stamp. :)
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morticia-kitty314Hobbyist Digital Artist
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CarmenBernardoHobbyist Digital Artist
when you self-diagnosed yourself as "depressed" but actually does it to seek for attention lmao
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trailerparkkStudent General Artist
So who's gonna tell some of these people that no one is forcing them to use the stamp, using this stamp (or any other) doesnt mean you're proud of it and that some mentally ill people can feel better with having soft, nice colours that also happen clearly display their issue?
Personally I don't like using colourful stamps when it comes to mental health issues, but stamp like these aren't glorifying it or making it trendy. Its made by a mentally ill person for mentally ill people.

Whats next? Does dressing your service dog up one time means its not a real service dog anymore now.........oh wait people are already saying it. God forbid disabled people have any fun or be happy whilst having a disability.
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babykttnHobbyist Digital Artist
this is exactly my opinion? 

honestly the same people who say the type of people who use these stamps
are over sensitive are the ones getting offended over a glittery stamp that 
says mentally ill lmao 
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am i the only person without a single mental illness or depression or anxiety??
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CarmenBernardoHobbyist Digital Artist
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Desiray101Hobbyist Digital Artist
uh lmao no ur not
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i feel like i am, because nowadays everyone has it and sometimes it's hard to believe who's lying or saying the truth
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Desiray101Hobbyist Digital Artist
zzzzzz but i'm here tho
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troublesomeTomeHobbyist General Artist
@ people being weird here: i'm using this stamp to let people know i'm super depressed and probably autistic. not because i'm "proud of being mentally sick" but because people deserve that warning before they interact with me. sometimes people want to send a message and be cute and sparkly while they're doing it
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CarmenBernardoHobbyist Digital Artist
lmao true
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Spongebob-KillerHobbyist Digital Artist
im su mentally ill haha !! ;w;

shut up
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babykttnHobbyist Digital Artist
haha uvu me 2!!!!!! i have crippling depwessun ;'3
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Cuddles-and-SpookumsHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah but you don’t see people with sparkly pastel stamps saying “✨cancer✨“ or “💕crohns disease💕”. I find it weird to want to advertise something like an illness
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mindlessdollyStudent Traditional Artist
Exactly, the author saying they fully support self diagnosis says a lot. Especially since self diagnosis nowadays isn't about "I feel like there's something wrong with me, I'll seek a professional" how it should be, but "I display some of the symptoms listed here, lemme get a stamp for this and put on my profile, don't need papers"
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