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f f x - 2 gunslinger by babyjami f f x - 2 gunslinger by babyjami
sketch on paper with photoshop colors. i'm still against this whole yuna-turned-tomb-raider-whore thing but, eh. i like the outfit.. just not on yuna xD ono big thighs again! omg she's fat! ;D

yuna - final fantasy x-2
pencil sketch, photoshop color/brushes
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hjhornbeck Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2006
Nah, she does a lot of squats. ;)

HJ Hornbeck
Celestial-SeraphiMan Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2005   Writer
Trust me, this looks nice.
SingerYuna Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2005
*loves this one*

I love the face you drew to cute
the pose is not the typical of the reinvented it ^^

Im Singer_Yuna from gaiaonline,and I won one auction of yours and I REALLY love my pic *_*
and I love your art,and for that the watch and the lots of favs(sorry about the invassion of favs u.u)
Kaitenmokuba Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2003
Yeah, you're right, yuna does turn sort of whore-mo. oh well. Her legs aren't all THAT fat. *looks at own legs*................. *runs off crying*
mistywolf Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2003
You call that FAT!?!?!? I'd DIE to look like that....I'm a frickin' cow compared to her. Moo:moo: Her guns *the ones in her hands, perverts* Look great. I prefer her old outfit, but since she has the new one, can I have the old one?:giggle:
emilynguyenart Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2003  Professional General Artist
Yeah, I'm not into the new Yuna outfit either. Pretty different from Yuna! And about this drawing, I really like how everything blends in, like how there's only pink but still some other colors in there. Good job!
sa55y Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2003
I really LOVE your bgs! How do u do them?!
gunblademaster Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2003
Cool! I love Final Fantasy! and i'm looking foward to FF X-2 and you might be right about her turning into tomb raider look alike, any FF game to me is good to play or look foward too.
Anywho, You picture is sooo good! ^^
klawzie Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd have to agree about the costume. I like it. Just not on Yuna. This would be perfectly fine on Rikku. But, seriously. Their BS about, "..... uhm..... She's wearing this because it's so out of character no one will recognise her!" just pisses me off.
Lovely art, btw. :D (Big Grin)
tifachan Featured By Owner May 30, 2003  Professional General Artist
She's not fat, she's voluptuous and only body builders and anorexics have little to no fat on them :D (Big Grin)

I love the simple colouring ^.^ You make it look really easy but I know I couldn't produce such a cool bg or neatly coloured sketch.

I'm not that bothered about her outfit its just the combination of Yuna's and Rikku's that bug's me. It seems like Square had the idea of attracting more customers with skimpily clad heroines ^^;;
Snow-Jackal Featured By Owner May 5, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*snorts with laughter at your description of her outfit* ^_^ That's good. I do like it though, I love the outfit and I love how you drew it. I agree, it's not quite Yuna however. Needless to say. this is a great picture. You have an interesting style, to be sure. I like it a lot. Very wispy.
onnanoko Featured By Owner May 4, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a great picture! I love the soft coloring. Nod
jool Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2003  Student General Artist
Yay! I love how you fleshed her out, she looks much better. I always loved Yuna, but I'm a little miffed that she's whorish now. Oh well, that's pop-culture for ya'.
kira-lee Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the colors - no she's not fat, I would not consider that. I love this because she isn't stick thin. Wonderful job...about everything.
dottiemaggie Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2003
Mmm.. I really like the style of this... the colours are very fun :) (Smile) enjoyable stuff :) (Smile)
Abyrae Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dang it, Anna, see what you've done? After posting so much of your art on your lj, you made it, you made me create a deviantART account so I could pester you through comments and awe at your pics. lol Heck, I need to start to figure this thing out so I could start posting some of my (crappy) art too.

Hum, anyway...

First, she's not fat, she's normal! XD If I was shaped like her, I'd become a narcissist.

Second, her thighs aren't big, they're toned. Big difference. ;) (Wink)

Third, I love the colouring and the clean linework. I'm seriously jealous, especially about the colouring; I can't colour crap with a computer.

You're great! Keep it up! :D (Big Grin)

natashca Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003
*_* GLORIOUS! I love the colouring in this - ANIA! Why must you excel at colouring EVERY SINGLE TIME? Tinka wonders that, too! :O (Eek) The colouring in this is so - I don't know how to describe it! Like pop art meets monoprint/print making :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) LOVELY! I love the background *_* It is so gorgeous *_*
Amarante-NF Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Uuu-woah... I like how you colored with out the shading yet.. with the background and the faded reddness... I like how you created that effect X3
cidsa Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003
Oh yes, and about the big thighs, she's kinda like me ^^;
I am totally skinny but my thighs/butt are big, oh the HORROR
cidsa Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2003
This is so nice! I really love your use of pink! ^_^
The guns look really good too, bah I can't draw those ^^;

Oh yersh, my friend Hiro bought FFX-2 and beat it in 4 days!
He's quite adament about what a piece of crap it is ^^;
Ah well, I'm still gonna play it XD
Stefari Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
i think she looks HAWT! i can't wait for it to come to the states!!! ; ; aahhh
yeah but you did a great job, and the flat colors are nice because you focus more on the picture itself! and the b/g has nice movement!
only thing her face could use more detail, it's kinda hard to see
but i'll shut up now! GREAT PIC!!
childofministry Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
Meh, I'm kinda torn over this one. The anatomy is okay, but the face looks weird, and the knees are too skinny. Mabey you were going for the tomb raider look. Whatever.

And I don't like the colouring or blotchy things around it. Anyway, yeah.
nekki Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
dude, thighs are the sexiest things ever =O~!!
Haha I agree with the whole YUNA with the outfit thing ^^; since she was like...a priestest before... but the outfit itself is really well designed and cool X3 I like how you coloured it, gaah people do such reat jobs with "flat" colouring that looks nice. Hooray for her pose! xxx
lugiayoshi Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
She looks pretty good. That makes me think she should be in a Phantasy Star Online mode.
thatnicolle Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
OMG she is liek SOO fat. And liek why'd you draw it in ur style????? I luv the original artists style its so beeutiful and you just liek butchered it. Don't u kno that when u draw a fanart of a character ur supposed to use the original style. OMG how daree u!


I love the coloring job, since it's simple it provides a nice contrast to the 'busy' background and makes the character stand out more. The yellow stripes on the guns also draw the viewers eyes to her face which is nicely done---especially the lips.

As for the outfit, I guess they wanted to show a transformation or 'awakening' (i hate you english class, i will be using that term forever now!) Yuna had, from the weak little girl in the beginning of FFX to the strong-willed woman that she became throw Tidus's help. But aprantly strong=slutty so there you go. ^_~;;
keikana Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
see, if her shorts were like an inch longer I doubt anyone would be complaining 9_9;; great picture!! +fave ^_^
poodlesheep Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003  Student
ooh... nice pose...
and about the whole yuna thing... when i first saw her costume, i was confused... but it is nifty. even though she just suddenly changes from one extreme to the other.
XD i can't wait to play it, though...
anyhoo... i love the reds on this... fat thighs??? O_o.... they don't look fat to me...
very prettyful... ^_^
peachtea Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
OWNZ!!! *+fave* O_O
crabapple Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
awesome!!Heart i love alla the neat colors;,the grunge in the background is really cool lookin'!Love great work!Hug
number1chiccie Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003   Traditional Artist
Great work...I love the pose, and the coloring technique you used is very awesome as well.

I don't know...if that is what you consider fat, then I must be a horse. Neigh.
weenie Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003  Professional Artist
dude, like wtf?! why'd you give yuna thunder thighs? that's soooooo not the style it's supposed to be.
*stuffs a sock in it*

i really like this - especially the face - i think the flat coloring works really well here. hope you don't mind if i fav this, because i feel it deserves in, imho.
:) (Smile)
cassandraharley Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
This is SO AMAZING Jami; the colours are great and her costume is fab; great job!
captainpenko Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
She is NOT fat.... *rantBITCHboutdamnANOREXICcanimehoes* Just cuz she's HUMAN looking, does not make her freaking fat!!! *rantrantrant* She is a shexshay bizzatch. *nodnod* I've been reading Art History text and all those cute 18th century women make ME look skinny.. XD ;;; But they were so cute.... Ya.. my point.... uhm.... I wub woo!!!! I mean.. er.. I love the picture, *especially* all the bombacious curves!! Keep it up!! We need some girls who weigh more than a 100lbs around here!!! XD
crunch Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2003
very sexy ;o
sindex Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003
oooh... i like the colors ;D and she's not that whorish... JUST BIG BOOTY D:
cinnie Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
lol I agree with you about the outfit thing^^; well on Yuna :3 I heard a looott of wierd and negative feedback about the game from my friends but.. I have to admit I am sorta curious about the game now x_o

anyways.. her thighs don't look fat! :3 very cool linework xD
pika-bunny Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003
The red lines look so cool. I love how you did a flat style of colouring too =^_^= Dunno about FF games that much but I never liked Yuna paticularly in either portrayal that I've seen. Just her personality though. Her costumes always are fun to look at.
waiting4sunrise Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003
Your coloring is always so awesome...I am so jealous....O_O I love the background.

Her thighs look fine to me, she doesn't look fat at all.

shortiichan Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003
I love this. Wonderful colour and everything. Great pose and style!
Love the guns.
MediaViolence Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003  Professional General Artist
YAY for FFX-2! I was so against Yuna's new outfit, well ON HER when I saw it, but Ive gotten over that by now cause dammit, its cool looking. And I love guns so Im biased;) (Wink) fat thighs? Must be from when I cosplayed this costume then *ha ha ha* Seriously cool work! Loverly coloring!
flameturret Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003
Koolies :) (Smile)
hehe i wish i could play FFX-2 But i havent seen it in the shops yet
snowkatt101 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
:O (Eek) yur art is BEUTIFUL!! and such! Heart mff ilove ht eway you did the coloring of this it's sooo awesome and nice and pretty[blahblahblah babble fishi be] i love youuuuuu Heart
chii-chan Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003   Interface Designer
she ain't fat*pokes*
hmmm....where's her half skirt thingy:? (Confused)
i love the guns:D (Big Grin)
nice job!
coralyoshi Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003
That's still cool looking XD I agree about her outfit, it's great, but it'd look better if they did it for a new character o_@ She's still pretty and cute, but ... originals are good ^_^;
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